PeopleAlumnx (MFA), Class of 2006

Fernando Sanchez

Fernando Sanchez was born in Ciduad Juarez, Mexico (1980). His dad jumped on a freight train In Dec of 1980, found a job in a sweat shop in los Angeles, raised enough money to have his wife and son cross the border by “coyotes”, seven months later. Fernando spent his childhood in south central Los Angeles, moving 40 minutes east to a suburban wasteland called the inland empire in 1991. In 2001, after a decade of chasing a suburban lifestyle, Fernando’s parents filed for bankruptcy, fleeing to a desert town of Dexter in the state of New Mexico, where life was cheaper and slower. Fernando pursued an undergraduate education at the University of California in Santa Barbara, where he studied English literature, and religious studies. After giving much though about pursing a career as an intellectual he was advised by several faculty to pursue a graduate education as an artist. In 2004, Fernando accepted the offer to study in the department of design and media arts at UCLA, where after three quarters, his work and methodology was challenged with much antagonism from the faculty. Working within the discourses and methodologies of traditional conceptual art, Fernando conflicted with the expectations of a department focused on formalistic and scientific experimentations with technology. Interested in “what people do” and “why people do things”, Fernando’s approach to art practice followed the sensibilities of a social ethnographer, journalist and provocateur. His work has always been instigated within a larger narrative who’s themes and motifs are representative of contemporary American culture and more specifically of American youth.

Among his many interests are: Hedonism, degenerate culture, crude, rude, trashy aesthetics metapop, spaces and activity that are never resolved, non-spaces, spaces of conviviality, activities of addiction, compulsion, short attention spans, metatags and keywords as the basis of a new language, post production, video art, found data, internet piracy, dissimulation, viral marketing, nihilism, videoblogging, vodcasting, the face of indifference, guerrilla installations and performances, subversion, commerce, money making schemes.