PeopleAlumnx (MFA), Class of 2008

Casey Alt

Casey Alt is an artist whose work explores how interface mediates power and culture. Central to Alt’s practice is his critique of commercial design as the ascendant discipline for engineering social control and the techniques employed towards this end. Though primarily situating this investigation within the realm of computational media, Alt’s works often span multiple mediums, including software programming, design, installation, gaming, and performance. As an extension to his arts practice, Alt is also a frequent commentator on the ways computational technologies have transformed various forms of cultural production, writing on media practices as diverse as bioinformatics to architecture, 3D modeling programs to videogames. Alt holds an undergraduate degree in Human Biology from Stanford University, a Masters in History & Philosophy of Science from Stanford University, and a Masters of Fine Arts in Design Media Arts from UCLA. Prior to pursuing his degrees, Alt was a US Army cryptologic linguist with an Arabic language speciality. Currently based in Taipei, he has held professorships in the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies at Duke University and in the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation at Columbia University.