I work to comprehend visual experience, perception and receptivity within a hyper-speed present; a technologically-altered present framed by what I call the “Camera Ubique”, the ubiquitous and ever-present lens. I create expansive and mechanically transparent works that pose the analogue against the digital, the “slow read” over the current quickening of time. I use the various media of painting, drawing, light sculpture, video and analogue projection. My constant work is to develop a historic and cosmological perspective on the phenomena of seeing. By making and deploying my own quite refined optical devices as tools, I give privilege to the intelligence of the hand and to the material knowledge of the maker and artist. Naturally I fall into a continuum with the past, and in this broadened concept of time I am bringing forward optical experiences of past centuries -- magic lanterns, the black mirror and sets of coloured Claude glasses – and re-inventing them with today’s technologies. This practice is admittedly unique -- one of my major projects has been in the last six years to pioneer the re-invention and re-utilization of the historic magic lantern and its painted mechanical moving images, placing it within contemporary use of projection and animation. I am doing this because I see that there is vast uncharted territory within the medium of projection, both in our historic understanding and in current uses.