Since graduating at UCLA just over a year ago, Aaron has been working as a media artist and designer in a wide spectrum of applications. Most of his work has been focused on processing and interpreting large sets of data related to humanity and culture. From airplanes over North America to hand made drawings of sheep, he has been trying to craft new perspectives on the structures and systems that affect our lives. In addition to his personal projects, he has also contributed to projects at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MIT, and Stanford University, and has taken a position in the Design Innovation Team at Yahoo!. Aaron was recently commissioned (along with two colleagues) to create a large data-driven sculpture for the San Jose International Airport, and received an award at South by Southwest for a media site created with fellow UCLA Alumni David Harrison and Dagmar Weaver-Madsen. Within the last year Aaron’s projects have received wide exposure from appearing on ABC World News and the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, to receiving the First Place award for Science Visualization from the National Science Foundation. His thesis project was recently exhibited in a new museum for Media Arts in Spain, and he has enjoyed traveling around the U.S. and abroad for exhibitions in Taipei, The Netherlands, Austria, Japan, and Hong Kong. In the coming months his work will be included in an exhibition catalog at the MoMa in New York, and He will be highlighted in a book about Flash development.