Cate Dowd

“Drone Psychogeographies: The Complexities of Taking to the Skies”

September 29, 2015, 12:00 pm   » 

Cate Dowd
“Drone Psychogeographies: The Complexities of Taking to the Skies”

Tuesday September 29th, 2015
Conference Room, 2275
Broad Art Center

Introduced by Peter Lunenfeld

Civilian drones have extended some ideas associated with pyschogeographic wanderings, especially for the hobbyist. However, there is a serious side of drone operations for artists, journalists and organizations using drones. Civilian drones alter the functions of place and space, and the rise of media operators using drones across urban and regional environments is evolving. In late 2014, Cate Dowd, undertook training for a Private Pilot License Theory (PPL) to explore the practical and legal dimensions of operating a civilian drone. This presentation highlights key findings from that training that inform an ongoing discussion on the limitations and opportunities for use of drones.

Dr. Cate Dowd lectures in Digital & Social Media in Arts and is Lecturer Media Studies, School of Arts University of New England in Australia. She has also designed new units such as "Film & Media in the Digital Age" & "Internet Studies". Her PhD was across media & computing (CSU) and she has a Master of Information Systems and Management (Monash). She has worked at Monash & the University of Melbourne.

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