Judith Donath : Algorithmic Portraits

DMA 2014-15 Lecture Series

February 3, 2015, 6:00 pm   » 

How we see people—ourselves as well as others—in the virtual world is perhaps the most challenging problem in the design of online spaces. One approach is to create “data portraits”, depicting people by visualizing data by and about them. The word “portrait” emphasizes the subjectivity of the representation: while the goal of visualization is usually objective accuracy, a portrait is an artistic production, shaped by the tension among the often-conflicting goals of the subject, artist, and audience. To create these portraits, we must address important questions about privacy, control, aesthetics, and social cognition. In this talk I will discuss both the making of these portraits and their effect on the evolution of online culture.

EDA, room 1250

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Broad Art Center
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