Gareth Walsh

Dow Jones - A Solf├Ęge Economy

October 31, 2013, 5:00 pm   » 

Dow Jones is a real-time singing portrait of the US stock market, and by extension, the U.S economy. Each business day millions of publicly owned company stocks and shares are bought, sold and exchanged in a perpetual cycle for capital gain. Dow Jones interprets the resulting fluctuations in share values from companies in the Dow Jones Industrial index to create a continuous sound of economic highs and lows.

Gareth Walsh is a media artist from the UK working at the intersections of Art, Cinema, Technology and physical space. His work has been shown internationally with screenings and exhibitions at TEDxUCLA, The Broad Stage (Los Angeles), the New Gallery (London, UK), Arena 1 Gallery, New Wight Gallery, Millard Sheets Gallery, Create: Fixate, and Wight Gallery (Los Angeles); 404 Festival of Electronic Art (Argentina). Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art (LACMA).

The exhibition is located in the Art Sci gallery, 5th floor, CNSI.

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