Yoon Chung Han

May 6, 2009, 5:00 pm   » 

The DMA Graduate Gallery is pleased to present the interactive installation “Phonophobia” by first year Design | Media Art graduate student Yoon Chung Han. Yoon’s latest project is a study of the fear of urban noises and combination of the sounds.

The fear of sounds called “Phonophobia” can be a serious disease or unique urban symptom for people who live in urban areas. This project focuses on the human’s fear of urban noises and sounds, and suggests an amplified and modified sound installation; this installation will give new experiences to people by unique composition and modification of loud urban noises.

There are 16 speakers in circular form, and the sounds will be amplified by human’s detection from IR sensors. Also, wooden works of sound visualizations will be presented on the walls of gallery.

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