Philip Beesley

Hylozoic Soil: kinetic architectures and geotextiles

February 19, 2008, 6:00 pm   » 

The talk will focus on recent architectural installations embedded with responsive behaviour and dynamic interaction with human occupants. The textiles in these installations have recently taken the form of interlinking matrices of mechanical components and arrays of sensors and actuators that respond to occupants moving within the environment. Seething qualities build up from intensive repetition of miniature parts. The work tends to be dominated by practical technology while at the same time poetic cadences are latent: blood, soil. The large-scale field structures offer bodily immersion and wide-flung dispersal of perception. Lightweight lattice and geodesic organizations form a structural core, employing digitally fabricated lightweight scaffolds that contain distributed interactive networks. The structures are designed at multiple scales including custom components, intermediate tessellations composed of component arrays, and hybrid structural systems.

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