Adam Zaretsky: On Mutaphobia

Art and Activism Lecture Series 2008, Art| Sci Center

January 10, 2008, 4:00 pm   » 

Adam Zaretsky is a Vivoartist working in Biology and Art Wet Lab Practice. This involves biological lab immersion as a process towards inspired artistic projects. His personal research interests revolve around life, living systems, exploration into the mysteries of life and interrogating varied cultural definitions that stratify life's popular categorizations. He also focuses on legal, ethical and social implications of some of the newer biotechnological materials and methods: Molecular Biology, ART [Assisted Reproductive Technology] and Transgenic Protocols. Zaretsky also teaches Vivoarts: Ecology, Biotechnology, Non-human Relations, Live Art and Gastronomy. A major focus is on artistic uses and the social implications of molecular biology, tissue culture, genomics and developmental biology. Adam Zaretsky has been published in Nature Magazine, Red Herring, Leonardo, The Washington Post and Johnny's Unstoppable Bathroom Reader. He has spoken at Harvard, NYU, CAA and SCIARC.

The Art + Activism series is a joint program of the Art|Science Center and the Art|Global Health Center, with their respective departments, Design|Media Arts and World Arts and Cultures and the performance Art Center. Principal funding has been provideprovideprovideprovided by the ArtsForum program of UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, additional support from the two centers; the two departments; UCLA Center Performance Studies; the Office of Instructional Development; UCLA Acting ellor Norman Abrams; and the Regents Lecturer program.

Special thanks to Henri Lucas for the activist design.

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