A Live Performance

October 10, 2007, 10:30 am   » 

Tatsuya Yoshida from The Ruins will be performing this Wednesday (Oct. 10) as part of the 'DESMA 9 - Art, Science & Technology' class. Ruins Alone is Yoshida's most recent solo incarnation of his band The Ruins, who are seen as one of the key inventors of Math Rock. A short lecture about 'Math Rock' will be held by Gil Kuno before the performance.

"Japanese drummer-bassist duo Ruins are prog rock revivalists for our post-punk times. A rhythm section gone ballistic, they are capable of extreme heaviosity and lithesome grooves, most often within the same song. They draw upon opera and folk as well as jazz and metal, with all the adrenaline, bombast and wigged-out vocal interplay of Yes or King Crimson. Yoshida Tatsuya's brain-pummeling percussion forms the core of the sound."

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