Zeljko Blace: Silent Observers

UC DARNet Lecture Series

January 18, 2006, 12:00 pm   » 

Networks and Image Culture

With unpredictable expansion of networked infrastructures, immersive experience of global telecommunication and information systems, challenging issues arise in the core of the contemporary culture - in producing, distributing and consuming of image. Comprehending contemporary visual culture is no longer possible without insights in dynamics of networks > technical conditions of its operability,
emerging social structures of its protagonists and resulting constructs in media space.

Silent*Observers, visual observations & streaming media practices

Streaming media as the inherent result of networked media determined by the multiplicity of simultaneous outputs of different qualities brings in new aesthetic challenges to the authors. Their work is not
only unstable (due to digital decay) but incrementally variable. Streaming media as form establishes new relations with viewers - distributing lossy video of variable bandwidth and invites them to react and (re)broadcast themselves and their condition (economy of presumes meets translocal experiences in distributed constituencies).

Ambient picked up by web cams in flaneurial observations (casual gaze directed to subtle changes occurring over time, periodically repeating activities, everyday cycles...), delivers insights of particular
'genius loci' (distinctive atmosphere and unique sensation). Possibility for 'systematic factography' through collected outputs of sensor triggered web cams with streaming media systems are programmaticaly delivering measurable outputs into the intimate environment of digital desktops.

ŽELJKO BLAĆE (r. 1976., Čapljina / Bosnia & Herzegovina), is an artist and cultural producer working in Croatia since 1995. Having attended Art Academy in Zagreb, Blace has worked in the field of media culture since 1996 as a designer, artist and journalist. Beginning in 1999, Blace has worked as an
organizer, media researcher and curator within Multimedia Institute and net.culture club MaMa in Zagreb (co-founder). Blace is on the editorial staff of LABinary newsletter and has written for cultural magazines such as including UMELEC (Czech Republic) and SPRINGERIN (Austria). In 2002, Blace initiated and co-managed, a regional platform for media culture. He has exhibited as a visual/media artist and performed as VJ in addition to being a regular speaker/presenter at international media arts events and conferences. Blace has organized and programed int. events in Croatia as well as curated numerous exhibitions. Currently Blace is researching hybridisation of net & broadcast media, as well as participatory media practices.

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