Cindy Bernard & David Cotner

Soundscapes Lecture Series

January 23, 2006, 6:00 pm   » 

Department of Design | Media Arts presents:

Global Experimental SOUNDSCAPES Now

Sound is everywhere, Noise is everywhere, Music is here and there...
Experimental Soundscapes bridge these worlds and connect worldwide via
online networks, cell phones, sensors and even image. Global Experimental
SOUNDSCAPES Now takes a broad survey of the experimental sound art around
the globe presented by sound artists Cindy Bernard (Los Angeles scene);
David Cotner (USA scene); Ken Fields (China / Asia scene); Goran Vejvoda
(France / Europe scene) and Jorge Verdin (Mexico scene). In addition to
overviews of world scenes, sound artist pioneer Bill Fontana and Amy Knoles,
director of the California E.A.R. unit will present their work.

Cindy Bernard is known for photographs and projections that explore the relationship between cinema, memory, and landscape including the widely exhibited series “Ask the Dust.” She has received numerous grants including Anonymous was A Woman (1998), a Guggenheim Fellowship (1998) and a Los Angeles COLA Individual Artists Fellowship (2004). Since 1986, her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and is in the permanent collections of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) as well as international collections.

In addition to her visual practice, Bernard is creator of the experimental music series "sound." as well as the founder of The Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound (SASSAS). Taking an active interest in instigating social exchange, Bernard founded SASSAS out of the need for a small sustainable organization dedicated to experimental music in Los Angeles.
As director of SASSAS, Bernard has produced concerts and sound events at the historic Schindler House in West Hollywood as well as at REDCAT and the Ford Amphitheatre working with artists such as Glenn Branca, Harold Budd, Nels Cline, Petra Haden, Joseph Jarman, Pauline Oliveros, Tom Recchion, Wadada Leo Smith and James Tenney.

Her interest in music and the public commons has spurred three recent projects: soundCommons – an on line forum for experimental musicians for which she received Creative Capital funding in 2002; a series of photographs of municipal band shells which Bernard sees as an architecture of public exchange, most recently exhibited at Tracy Williams LTD in New York; and “The Inquisitive Musician” a collaboration with artist and translator David Hatcher based on a 17th century German satire, “Musicus Curiosus, or Battalus, the Inquisitive Musician; the Struggle for Precedence between the Kunst Pfeifer and the Common Players." The premiere reading of the full "Inquisitive Musician" text took place at the experimental music club Tonic in November 2005 and featured Michael Smith, Shelley Hirsch, David Watson, Guy Richards Smit and Okkyung Lee among others.

David Cotner (b. 1970, Los Angeles) founded Hertz-Lion - - in 1997 as an information clearinghouse for experimental music and the avant-garde, bolstering it with the concurrent publication of the Actions communiqué, a weekly e-mail covering two weeks' worth of leftfield performance and exhibitions. Chief proponent of the compositional technique known as literalism, spring 2005 witnessed his tour of several countries in Europe to publicise the method, in which several installations were executed at MoMA, the Tate Modern and the Louvre. His live actions across the Continent involved amplified bricks, chalk, a dive bar, and the sound of instruments resetting.

A regular contributor to the L.A. Weekly, Signal to Noise and Vice Magazine, he has collaborated with such wide-ranging and farflung artists as film composer Simon Fisher Turner and Industrial percussionist Z'EV. His works involving copper and water have been exhibited at MoMA, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, and are currently on loan as a long-running installation in the fountains at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In Barcelona, his piece "Amble Art" was an amplified actualisation in a gallery setting of the mysterious age-old American custom of tying shoes together by their laces and hanging them over telephone-pole wires. This was one of the first instances of witnessed shoe hanging in the country of Spain, and certainly the first instance of amplified shoe hanging in the world. He presents this overview of current state experimental music in America, positive that it will inspire by example, inform by design, incite by amazement, and the capital of Nebraska is Lincoln.

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