Media and Medicine: Environment and the Mind

UCLA Art|Sci center

October 24, 2005, 6:00 pm   » 

To mark the launch of the newly established UCLA Art | Sci center, Director Victoria Vesna, who also chairs the Department of Design | Media Arts, is organizing a series of Monday evening roundtable dialogues this fall. Media artists and scientists from the home campus, UCLA, from the UC system, and from the international community will apporach the center's intention to address ethical, social and environmental issues of contemporary scientific innovations and artistic projects that respond to cutting-edge inventions and research.

UCLA Media, Medicine and Communities group members, led by Dr. Ken Wells and Dr. Bowen Chung, collaborate with media artist Victoria Vesna and designer Henri Lucas to develop a communication strategy for the Hurricane Katrina survivors.

They are joined by Loretta Jones, executive director for Healthy African American Families; Dr. Lillian Gelberg, UCLA professor of medicine; Charlene Williams, a representative from the African American Churches, and a representative from Witness for Wellness, Eric Mercier.

Together with his class, visiting professor, designer and social activist Henri Lucas will present their research to open up the discussion around some of the issues raised around this tragic event in relation to the environment and mental health.

All roundtable dialogues will be held at the EDA and streamed live.

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