Peter Brinson and Eddo Stern - Waco Resurrection

Game Culture Lecture Series led by Professors Erkki Huhtamo and Jennifer Steinkamp

March 7, 2005, 6:00 pm   » 

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: Game Design & Culture

Gamers, game developers, media artists, designers, media critics, theorists, computer scientists, scholars and researchers debate the meaning of computer gaming as culture from multiple perspectives. Is interactive gaming a Great Narrative of the 21st century?

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Mar. 7, 2005
Peter Brinson & Eddo Stern (C-Level, L.A.)
Endgames: Waco Resurrection

C-level unveils Waco Resurrection, its first chapter of Endgames, a new 3D multiplayer computer game series based on alternative utopias and apocalyptic moments. The Endgames series incorporates elements of subjective documentary and speculative fiction with new interactive technologies to create a visceral gaming experience focused on extreme psycho-social phenomena. It hopes to present both player and viewer with immersive apocalyptic experiences that prompt reconsideration of the phenomenal possibilities inherent in ideological conflict.

BIO: Peter Brinson is a filmmaker, game developer, and educator living in Los Angeles. His work investigates the narrative possibilities found in animal cognition, artificial intelligence, biological systems, and game-play. He is particularly interested in exposing trends in "chemical identity"- current and historic conceptions of how pharmacology and evolutionary psychology dictate human identity. He teaches at USC and UCSD.

BIO: Eddo Stern was born in Tel Aviv and currently lives near Los Angeles. He works in various media including computer software/game design, kinetic sculpture, performance, and film and video production. His work explores new modes of narrative and documentary, fantasies of technology and history, and cross-cultural representation in film, computer games, and on the Internet. He is a founder of C-level, a cooperative media lab in LA's Chinatown.

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