Joachim Sauter

May 20, 2003, 6:00 pm   » 

In the last 15 years a "new media language" occurred out of the wide spread use of computers in daily life. Up to the end of the 80s the computer was only used as tool, in the early 90s, mainly through the popularity of the internet, the computer was finally understood as a communication medium. Now this medium plays an important role as other traditional means like TV, film, video, photography and print. This "new medium" has its own language and a grammar on which this language is based on. From an artist and designer point of view and with the help of practical work (from screen-based interactive applications to interactive architecture) a possible structure of this grammar will be discussed. Since 1991, Joachim Sauter has been a professor for Digital Media Design at the 'University of the Arts' in Berlin and up from 2001 he is adjunct Professor at UCLA, Los Angeles. Joachim Sauter has been using computers both as a tool and and as a medium from the early stages of his work as a designer and artist. Fuelled by this interest, he founded Art+Com e.V. in 1988 together with other designers, artist, scientists and technicians. In the course of his work as a interaction-designer and researcher at Art+Com, Joachim Sauter has received the 'Ars Electronica Interactive Award' in 1992 and 1997, as well as the 'Los Angeles Interactive Media Festival Impact Award' in 1995, the Film+Art Critics Award and the Prix Pixel INA in 1998, the German Multimedia Award, the German Design Red Dot Award Best of the Best and the Swiss Design Award in 2001

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