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Processing Community Day at UCLA!

Processing Community Day is an inclusive day-long event that will be held at UCLA on Saturday, January 19. About two hundred people of all ages will come together to celebrate the community around art, design, code, and learning.

Processing is a free and open-source software platform for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts, created by Professor Casey Reas and collaborator Ben Fry. It is complemented by a web version, called p5.js, created by Assistant Professor Lauren McCarthy. A focus of this project is to make learning how to program and make creative work with code accessible to diverse communities, especially those who might not otherwise have access to these tools and resources. With hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, Processing Community Day is a chance for people to get together in person to meet, share what they're working on, to learn, and collaborate.

The event will feature a mix of programming, including presentations from leading creators in the field, hands-on workshops, lightning talks by community members, unconference style discussions, and show and tell. We will cover topics including new artistic outputs with code, experiments in pedagogy, designing for accessibility and disability, and building inclusive spaces. This year, we’re working to add hundreds of locally organized simultaneous satellite events around the world to broaden the reach and impact of this community event.

The first Processing Community Day (PCD) took place in 2017 at the MIT Media Lab, drawing community members from the East Coast and beyond. We are expecting some of that audience to join us at this event to connect with the UCLA community, and people from all over Los Angeles and the West Coast. PCD will be organized by the Processing Foundation, a non-profit directed by Casey, Lauren, Ben Fry, and Daniel Shiffman. It will be hosted in partnership with UCLA Design Media Arts, with collaboration from the UCLA Arts Conditional Studio and the UCLA Game Lab.

Images from PCD 2017 at the MIT Media Lab:

EDA  (Map)
Broad Art Center
240 Charles E. Young Drive, Room 1250
Los Angeles, CA 90095
+Parking is $12 all day, and is available in structure 3, adjacent to the building. For more information, call 310.825.9007.