• REXY TSENG nominated for Tomorrow Sculpture Awards in Taiwan

    Rexy Tseng was nominated for Tomorrow Sculpture Awards as the representative of Taiwan, one of the premier art awards in China. The ceremony was held at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing on October 31, it was live streamed with over eight-hundred-thousand viewers internationally.

  • LAUREN McCARTHY part of group show D3us Ex M4ch1na at LABoral Centro de Arte

    D3us Ex M4ch1na: Art and Artificial Intelligence proposes an exploration of the issues surrounding artificial intelligence technologies. A selection of contemporary works of art invites us to reflect on the expectations and fears raised by the idea of an intelligent machine.

    November 22, 2019 - May 16, 2020
    LABoral Centro de Arte
    Gijón, Spain

  • LAUREN McCARTHY and DAVID LEONARD awarded Cybersecurity Arts Grant from UC Berkeley Center for Long Term Cybersecurity

    The UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC) recently awarded grants to artistic proposals that engage substantively with cybersecurity in themes, topics, audience, and/or materials. Lauren McCarthy and David Leonard's project I.A. Suzie (Virtual Caring) was one of six awardees.

    "With millions growing older and not enough people to care for them, A.I. systems are utilized to augment care and stand in for the presence of family, friends, and medical providers. I.A. Suzie documents the relationship that unfolds between 80-year-old Mary Ann and her remote virtual care system."

  • AMY FANG Speaking At Adobe MAX Panel: "Next Gen Creators"

    DMA Undergrad Amy Fang Speaking At Adobe MAX Panel: "Next Gen Creators"
    "As a new generation of creators explodes onto the scene, they're erasing traditional boundaries, redefining creative career paths, and making their mark in an ever-evolving field. In this session, explore recent work by three standout young creative professionals, and hear directly from them about their creative aspirations."

    Nov 6, 1:15-2:30pm
    Los Angeles Convention Center,
    1201 South Figueroa Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90015


    November 16, 2019-January 12, 2020
    Curated by Michael Slenske
    “The city burning is Los Angeles’s deepest image of itself.” — Joan Didion
    Ed Ruscha finished his seminal painting The Los Angeles County Museum on Fire in 1968, and a half century later his searing depiction of the Ahmanson Building seems prescient as the LACMA campus captured in that painting is set to be demolished for a new superstructure designed by a Swiss architect who is fond of, ironically, incorporating charred wood into his designs. Of course, fire is a cleansing mechanism, and its regenerative qualities burn bright in the practices of countless Los Angeles artists, perhaps because many, if not all, of them—especially those who have lost homes, studios, archives or more to wildfires historic and recent—live with the existential threat of these conflagrations harming them year after year after year.

    Lita Albuquerque |Chuck Arnoldi |Michel Auder |Lianne Barnes |Alex Becerra |Vanessa Beecroft | Scott Benzel |Polly Borland |Theodore Boyer |Andrea Marie Breiling |Chris Burden| Juan Capistrán |Zoe Crosher |Karon Davis |John Divola |Jessie Homer French |Eve Fowler | Gajin Fujita |Francesca Gabbiani |Joe Goode |Robert Gunderman |Salomón Huerta
    February James |Anthony James |Michael John Kelly |Seffa Klein |John Knuth |Gary Lang
    Thomas Linder |Rachel Mason |Anna Mayer |Jake Kean Mayman |Chandler McWilliams
    Stephen Neidich |Katherina Olschbaur |Catherine Opie |Laura Owens |Steven Perillloux
    Jennifer Rochlin |Ry Rocklen |Ammon Rost |Conrad Ruiz |Ed Ruscha |Anja Salonen
    Kenny Scharf |Alia Shawkat |Jess Valice |Henry Vincent | Pae White |Andy Woll
    Robert Yarber |John Zane Zappas.

  • JESSE FLEMING work "Jane the Baptist" acquired by Cedar Sinai's contemporary art collection

    Fleming’s last solo show at Five Car Garage, Jane The Baptist has been acquired by Cedar Sinai’s contemporary art collection. This is the ftirst video work they have acquired.

  • JESSE FLEMING appointed Assistant Professor of Emerging Media Arts at University of Nebraska

    DMA ALUM Jesse Fleming - has been appointed as a Founding faculty member and as Assistant Professor of Emerging Media Arts at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. The position is one of five founding faculty at UNL’s newly formed Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts, a 57 million dollar endowed facility. In addition to Fleming’s faculty position, he is opening Perceptual Technologies Lab (PTL) at the Carson Center; a trans-disciplinary and multimodal creative laboratory that supports the intersection of emerging media art and extended reality development through the lens of mindfulness.

  • REBECA MENDEZ - Speaker in DesignThinkers2019, Toronto.

    October 24 & 25, 2019Meridian Hall (formerly Sony Centre)
    DesignThinkers is Canada's largest annual design conference, connecting professionals from around the world. We come together to explore the ideas, trends, strategies and processes driving design communications. And we curate stimulating discussions about design’s impact on business, culture and social innovation.


    October 24-25 from 7-11pm
    Slamdance DIG 2019 @ Wisedome

    Dalena Tran's "The Delay" at Slamdance DIG 2019

    "The Delay" is told in five parts. It is an interactive web-comic about five characters living in a flattened future fantasy. Cities consume data as a biological necessity to create complex systems and problems to solve in order to achieve meaning. The first part of Tran's experimental story will be showcased at this year's Slamdance DIG, come through!

    Slamdance DIG is an annual showcase of innovative new works in digital, interactivity, and gaming. Artists work independently and create outside of traditional media to bring their ideas to life in novel and uncompromising ways without the support of major studios or technology companies.

    1147 Palmetto St,
    Los Angeles, CA 90013

  • JOHN CARPENTER - New Ways of Seeing the Pattern (2019)

    USC Bridge Art + Science Alliance releases a new video documenting how Dr. Rusty Lansford (USC Keck School of Medicine) and John Carpenter (Oblong + USC School of Cinematic Arts MA+P) are using a gestural interface and Oblong's g-speak Spatial Operating Environment to visualize and explore early heart formation.

    Rusty and John designed a 320° immersive workspace that permits gesture-based navigation of volumetric image sets from early heart formation. The application runs in real-time on five computers over 45 screens (93,312,000 pixels).

    More information and the video can be found here:

  • KYTTENJANAE - Immersive Art Experience at ROW DTLA

    Cyber Spirits is an eerily hilarious experience brought to you for Halloween season! This surreal cyber journey explores the presence of spirit in our digital devices. Meander through a dreamy, surrealist, comedic living art piece...

    Cyber Spirits will leave you with ULO’s signature lightning bolt feeling - in this case a combination of curiosity, strangeness, and comedic joy. The magic and immersion of the experience is made possible by the technical wizardry behind it - a unique hardware-software blend of CRT monitors, video art, projection, custom physical installations, and speech synthesis.

    Vibes: Curious, Dreamy, Phantasmic, Strange, Giggly
    Disclaimer: This experience includes some light intensity.

    An ULO original, Cyber Spirits was Created by Daisy Studio, Directed by kyttenjanae, Written by Dave Kornfeld previously at The Onion, and Curated by NextArt.

    Like all of ULO’s seasonal runs, Cyber Spirits will be offered as convenient 15 minute drop-ins that disappear as quickly as they arrive. Tickets are $10 per person, and include evening and weekend hours: October 22-25, Tues-Fri 6-10pm, October 26, Sat 2-11pm, Oct5ober 27, Sun 11am-6pm. Experience the magic before it’s too late!

    At epic ROW DTLA, across from Tartine Bianco. Parking lot off of Alameda and Center St, first hour free.
    FOLLOW US @ULO.WORLD for more details!

  • FEATURE EXTRACTION A weekend program exploring the interconnection between art and machine learning.

    Feature Extraction
    A weekend program exploring the interconnection between art and machine learning.

    November 15, 2019 (night-time only) - Navel - Downtown LA
    Followed by events: November 16-17, 2019 - EDA (Broad Art Center 1250), UCLA

    Feature Extraction is a series of talks and workshops centered around machine learning, abstraction, and algorithmic subjectivity organized by Blaine O'Neill and Ulysses Pascal, grad students in the Design Media Arts and Information Studies departments. Participants in the first Feature Extraction weekend will learn how certain machine learning models work, play with them in creative/critical ways, and contextualize them in social, cultural, and political frameworks. We will kick off the weekend Friday night at NAVEL in downtown LA with an evening panel discussion and social, followed by 1.5 days of workshops at the EDA led by Gene Kogan and Lou Cantor.

  • ZACH BLAS exhibition

    Zach Blas
    The Unknown Ideal
    October 24, 2019–January 5, 2020

    Artist talk: October 23, 6pm
    in the Seminar room of ERH
    Opening reception: October 23, 7pm

    Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art
    Katharinenstraße 23
    D-26121 Oldenburg

    The Unknown Ideal is the first solo exhibition in Germany by London-based artist, filmmaker, and writer Zach Blas. His expansive practice includes an emphasis on the relationship between digital technologies and the cultures and politics that animate them.

    Presenting a survey of Blas’s practice, The Unknown Ideal focuses on his interrogation of the philosophies and fantasies lurking in artificial intelligence, the internet, predictive policing, airport security, facial recognition, and biological warfare. These works, which span sculpture, video, music, and installation, include Icosahedron (2019), an AI elf that predicts the future of prediction; transCoder (2008), a queer programming anti-language; and video mummy (2004), a mannequin mummified in videotape.

    The centerpiece of the exhibition is the world premiere of The Doors (2019), a newly commissioned multimedia installation exploring psychedelia, drug use, and artificial intelligence. A sequel to Blas’s Contra-Internet: Jubilee 2033 (2018)—a film that follows author Ayn Rand on an acid trip, in which she bears witness to a dystopian future of the internet—The Doors looks closer at Silicon Valley’s connections to Californian counterculture from the 1960s. Set within a mystical artificial garden, The Doors features a surround sound design and six channels of video comprised of computer graphics sequences and psychedelic machine learning–generated imagery related to a new wave of drug use interested in “nootropics.” In contrast to the “turn on, tune in, drop out” ethos of the 1960s, taking nootropics has gained popularity in the tech industry, as “smart drugs” designed to unlock the mind to labor harder and faster. Nootropics include commercially available “stacks” and microdoses of LSD and psilocybin mushrooms.

  • LENA NW is showing her new game Nightmare Temptation Academy at the Slamdance DIG Festival

    Oct 24th-25th, 6pm-10pm
    Slamdance DIG 2019
    Wisdome Immersive Art Park DTLA,
    1147 Palmetto St, Los Angeles, CA

    MFA Alumni Lena NW is showing her new game Nightmare Temptation Academy at the Slamdance DIG Festival. Slamdance DIG is a showcase of the innovative new works in digital, interactive, and gaming. Held annually in Los Angeles, DIG provides a platform for independent artists who create outside of traditional media.

  • IVANA DAMA Pre-Show Installation: Microscope as a Musical Instrument

    Pre-Show Installation: Microscope as a Musical Instrument
    Using an optical microscope as an Audiovisual instrument, UCLA DESMA major, Ivana Dama explores what it means to be a musician. This innovative, interactive installation triggers specific sounds by changing the parameters of the microscope’s camera and layering the output with other sound effects to create music. The installation will be active in the Royce Hall West Lobby from 6:30-8pm.

    Co-presented with SCA: Student Committee for the Arts at UCLA.


    Oct 12th, 6pm-10pm
    IndieCade’s Night Games 2019
    1660 Stewart St, Santa Monica, CA 90404-4020

    MFA Alumni Lena NW is showing her new game Nightmare Temptation Academy at IndieCade’s Night Games. Night Games is IndieCade's most popular signature event, its annual party after dark with outdoor games, immersive experiences, installation art and more!


    Sunday, October 20th, 10:00 - 12:30pm

    DMA MFA alum Gottfried Haider (2013) will be facilitating a workshop on exploring and writing the decentralized web using a new version of the "Hotglue" software tool. This event is programmed as part of the Radical Networks conference, which is hosted this year at Prime Produce (New York).


    Fri., Oct. 4, 2019, 7:30 – 10:00 pm


    A screening and discussion presented by Pleasure Dome @ Ryerson School of Image Arts in Toronto

    Megan May Daalder's short documentary series Children of the Singularity screens as part of NOT MY UTOPIA, a curatorial concept initiated by Daalder and Zeesy Powers and presented by PLEASURE DOME, Toronto.

    All good science fiction warns against losing the spirit of inquiry to normative control structures. The individualism celebrated in the twentieth century’s future visions is the foundation of today’s Silicon Valley capitalism. Not My Utopia examines the technological status quo and looks towards other possible futures.

    A conversation between Dr. Teresa Heffernan, visiting professor at the Centre for Ethics, Powers, Daalder and the audience will follow the screening.

    Co-presented by the University of Toronto, Center for Ethics | Ethics of AI Lab @UofTEthics @EthicsAILab and Ryerson School of Image Arts, Documentary Media @RyersonIMA @DocMediaMFA

    Ryerson IMA, RM 307
    122 Bond St, Toronto, ON

  • JONO BRANDEL will be guest VJing at La Gaîte Lyrique's Nuit Blanche

    October 5th, 2019
    Nuit Blanche at La Gaîte Lyrique, Paris France

    DMA alum Jono Brandel (2008) will be guest VJing at La Gaîte Lyrique's Nuit Blanche programming on October 5, 2019 from 9PM to 3.30AM. Gray Area Artistic Director and Founder Josette Melchor has curated a selection of leading audiovisual performances from the Bay Area. The selection represents a balance of styles and backgrounds, sharing hidden gems of San Francisco and Oakland on an international stage in the heart of Paris. This event is free and open to the public.

    3 bis rue Papin 75003 Paris

  • PETER LUNENFELDS Keynotes Cinekid Festival, Amsterdam

    Peter Lunenfeld will be giving a keynote talk at Cinekid, the largest children's media festival in the world. Thursday, October 24th at the Westergas Theatre, Amsterdam.

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