• THEO TRIANTAFYLLIDIS in the Grey Area Festival

    Gray Area Festival
    September 23 – 26, 2020

    Saturday, September 26th is our closing keynote from Ruha Benjamin author of Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code, followed by a live performance of Anti-Gone a mixed-reality play from artist Theo Triantafyllidis.

    This year, Gray Area Festival presents the work of artists using immersive worldbuilding to re-imagine adjacent possible presents. This unique four-day online gathering brings together artists and community around artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, game design, and simulation through the lens of embodiment, social justice, identity, decolonialism, and regenerative ecology.



    North x North is a multi-modal, multi-sited, multi-month, multi-discipline creative festival examining liminal space — the time between the what was and the what’s next. It’s an exploration of transitions and of not knowing.
    SHELTER / REFUGE LANDFORMS is part of the SEED Lab project Shelter/Refuge that examines ideas of shelter and refuge and our future condition through a series of temporary installations. We consider ideas of refuge within and from nature and as ways to connect to each other. Within pandemics, climate crises and a changing world, we explore the notions of permanence and mobility as we consider possible futures.

    This series of shelters is viewable at various locations around Anchorage, including the Anchorage Museum lawn, SEED Lab and city parks. The structures serve as meeting places, as COVID-19-ready isolation huts, and as places from which to huddle and watch movies screened on the museum façade. They pose questions about the natural world, climate change and concepts of nature —as shelter, as threatened and as threat. Each shelter features images by artists examining the natural world. The framework of the structures was designed by artist Marek Ranis and suggest natural landforms, like mountains or ice formations. They are built from logs provided by the city's parks department - some of which are charred by forest fires.

    Participating artists: Brian Adams, Katie Basile, John Hagen, Acacia Johnson, Rebeca Méndez, Ryota Kajita

  • LAUREN LEE McCARTHY solo exhibition YOU CAN SAY: "RESET THE ROOM" in Shanghai

    BROWNIE Project is honored to present the American artist Lauren Lee McCarthy's first solo exhibition in China YOU CAN SAY: "RESET THE ROOM" curated by Iris Long. The exhibition will include a number of McCarthy's recent works relating to the coding of social life by technology, potential automation, and algorithmic survival, including the new Shanghai premier of Welcomer, a special collaboration with the artist. During the opening on September 19, a new Chinese version of Waking Agents will also be staged.

    September 19 - November 9, 2020
    BROWNIE Project
    Shanghai, China

  • ERKKI HUHTAMO Lectures in Mexico City via Zoom

    Professor Erkki Huhtamo will give (via Zoom) an invited lecture at the Seminario Internacional Arqueología de Medios in Mexico City, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, División de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades. The lecture will take place on September 18, 2020, 11 am (PDT).
    For more information, see link:

  • PETER LUNENFELD interviewed on KCRW

    Peter Lunenfeld was interviewed about his new book on Los Angeles by KCRW's Madeleine Brand.


    Lauren Lee McCarthy is a DISRUPTOR in tech and academia.
    An artist and computer programmer, she creates work that
    invites deep examination of the intimate relationship between technology and human behavior. Lauren actively creates opportunities for WOC, mixed-race, and under-represented groups to present their work in new media fine art spaces, increasing accessibility and visibility for these artists within the art industry. Her development of P5.JS, an open source platform for learning creative expression through code, is a testament to her continuous effort to disrupt the patriarchal systems within the realms of technology.

    Thursday, September 24
    5–6pm |
    RSVP on the link.

  • DMA Alumni in Telluric Vibrations

    About Telluric Vibrations
    The UCLA ArtSci Center presents Telluric Vibrations: a festival with an exhibition and symposium based at the UCLA Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Gardens and in virtual venues. Each activity and artwork is generated around the Ecology of Earth and Ether, considering how we tend to both the ground and the sky and looking closely at their imbrications. The exhibition will feature work by the UCLA ArtSci Collective, an intergenerational group of current students, recent graduates and practicing artists. Keynote lectures and panels with renowned scholars, artists and scientists will provoke dialogue about this time of inherent uncertainty.

    Telluric Vibrations nurtures ideologies both above and below ground. Using the model of a plant growing both upward into the atmosphere and downward into the soil, this festival simultaneously cultivates the Earth and the Ether ―conceptually and physically― grounding technology. This festival is about expansive network ecologies, creating nodes for interaction that bridge gaps between species, technology, and cultures. We are imagining new and novel ways of living and joining together on this unknown planetary journey. The exhibition will feature work by the ArtSci Collective, an intergenerational of current students, recent graduates and renowned practicing artists. Each activity and artwork is generated around the Ecology of Earth and Ether, the “real” and “virtual,” and looks closely at their imbrications. Site specific installations and performances, designed to be presented online using live video and AR, will be showcased at the Botanical Gardens. The garden will not function as a backdrop, but as an integrated, collaborative environment. The symposium, keynote lectures and panels featuring scholars, artists and scientists will extend the network, further fostering diverse education and community.
    Ars Electronica 2020: Kepler’s Gardens
    With the simultaneity and duality of local-physical and globally networked events all over the world, Ars Electronica 2020 becomes an exciting experimental laboratory and prototype for
    a next-level networking that will focus primarily on new forms and possibilities of fusion and coexistence of analog and digital, real and virtual, physical and telematic proximity. Starting in Linz and working with partner gardens from Ars Electronica’s extraordinarily large international network, “real” events will take place in many places, with “real” artists and scientists for “real” audiences, all of which will be networked into a festival from September 9 to 13.

  • Art in the Garden - ARS Electronica Festival: Telluric Vibrations

    ARS Electronica Festival
    Telluric Vibrations
    UCLA Art Sci Center x Botanical Garden
    September 9th-13th • YouTube Live

    Tel·lu·ric: being or relating to a usually natural electric current flowing near the earth's surface. UCLA Art Sci Center was invited by ARS Electronica to be the Los Angeles Garden and is presenting a series of events under the title of Telluric Vibrations. Using the model of a plant growing both upward into the atmosphere and downward into the soil, simultaneously cultivating the Earth and the Ether – conceptually and physically, grounding technology.

    Beaming live from the UCLA Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden in the middle of the city and the molecular imaging labs underground at the UCLA California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), site specific installations and performances from the UCLA Art Sci collective will be showcased and presented online through live video and augmented reality. Sound art, bio art and immersive installations will be created to interact within the garden and its multiple species and sensory experiences.

    The garden will not function as a backdrop, but rather as an integrated, collaborative element, as the UCLA Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden aims to engage people with the broad ways that plants are woven intricately into our lives and bring diverse communities together. Dr. Victoria Sork, the Garden Director, will be giving the opening keynote talk “Tree Conservation, Genomics, and Change” on September 9th at 7:00am PST.

    • Read more about Telluric Vibrations
    • Check out the schedule
    • RSVP for virtual workshops and events
    • Explore the ARS Electronica Festival

  • PETER LUNENFELD'S Drive-In Reading on KCBS

    Peter Lunenfeld's drive-in reading on the Sunset Strip over pirate radio of City on the Edge of Forever: Los Angeles Reimagined was covered by KCBS news.


    Gottfried Haider, John Brumley, Alex Rickett: Not-A-Genius-Bar

    (Maiden LA)
    3000 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90007
    September 5, noon to 6pm

    Bring your computer problems to get help with, or solder primitive memories with us. Plus: John Brumley & Alex Rickett's "Thy Space".

  • JENNIFER STEINKAMP exhivition EON opening in Austin

    Jennifer Steinkamp has a project opening at UT Austin:

    September 10 opening on-line + lecture 2:30 PST

  • JENNIFER STEINKAMP in multi gallery exhibition, SOUL, in Seoul

    Jennifer Steinkamp has a multi gallery exhibition in Seoul opening soon:

    Leeahn Gallery, Seoul and Lehmann Maupin, Seoul
    Sep 03 – Oct 31, 2020

  • LAUREN LEE McCARTHY'S Six Reflections on Algorithms During a Pandemic published in Texte Zur Kunst

    Lauren Lee McCarthy's Six Reflections on Algorithms During a Pandemic published in Texte Zur Kunst
    “I have no life other than the one I lead online:” that is one of the many truths the artist Lauren Lee McCarthy has contrived in this essay on imagined apps, the desire for anonymity, and frozen eggs in the age of the coronavirus. Envisioning an indeterminate post-pandemic future, she projects various scenarios of algorithm use into in a kind of screenplay. Each of them, however, features the author herself in the role of the technology with which people can order food delivery, make dates, or track chains of infection. A life on auto-replay. Or, what are your favorite things to eat for breakfast?

  • LARENT LEE McCARTHY awarded Women at Sundance / Adobe Fellowship

    Sundance Institute announced today the 11 artists selected for its first-ever Women at Sundance | Adobe Fellowship, designed to meaningfully support women artists creating bold new work in film and media, with a priority on filmmakers from historically underrepresented communities. The fellowship includes a cash grant, skill-building workshops, and year-round mentorship from Sundance Institute staff and Adobe executives.

  • REFIK ANADOL TED Talk "Art in the Age of Machine Intelligence

    What does it look like inside the mind of a machine? Inspired by the architectural vision of a futuristic Los Angeles in "Blade Runner," media artist Refik Anadol melds art with artificial intelligence in his studio's collaborations with architects, data scientists, neuroscientists, musicians and more. Witness otherworldly installations that might make you rethink the future of tech and creativity.

  • GELARE KHOSHGOZARAN, A Syllabus for Antifascist Cinema (part I) in MARCH

    What images and narratives, what poetics would allow for the emergence of a version of us that invests in the dignity and well-being of all of us? What life-long training, support systems, and affective mutual aid networks would nurture our perception of freedom as the freedom of all people? What tactile or olfactory experiences would boost our immune system against the competitive market mentality governing every aspect of our lives? What would make us gentler, but more committed to preserving our ability to protect one another from violence – which at the end harms not just the most vulnerable, but all of us? What kinds of exposures, ways of relating, sensual, libidinal, erotic, poetic and material possibilities may be explored for the germination of a contemporary subject less prone to embracing fascism and more alert to identifying and rejecting it?

  • GELARE KHOSHGOZARAN review in LA Review of Books

    On February 3, I gathered with a small group of friends at Visitor Welcome Center for a conversation on the occasion of the closing of my exhibition, LIKELY MINE. The new series of photographs in the exhibition came out of thinking about regimes of legibility in relation to different technologies of image-making, specifically in the context of surveillance and security. The X-ray machine at an airport translates objects to images to enable the human eye to identify — based on prior training — what might be a threat to the security of the collective traveling body. But the meaning of objects in the context of security is contingent upon the bodies of the subjects they belong to. Through the project, I was tracing the different instances where my body and belongings were exposed to X-ray through international travel, as photographic moments.

  • LENA NW’S & Costcodreamgurl’s game VIRAL, put on longlist for Lumen Prize

    Lena NW & Costcodreamgurl’s game Viral, created for the Internet Art Microgrant in 2015, has been put on the 2020 Longlist for the Lumen Prize 3D/Interactive Award.

    Play Viral:

  • LENA NW’s Game Receive International Acclaim

    Lena NW’s newly released game, Nightmare Temptation Academy, made in collaboration with Costcodreamgurl, just won the Most Amazing Award at the International A MAZE. Playful Media Festival! Download Nightmare Temptation Academy:

  • Job Opportunity – Community and Project Coordinator

    The UCLA Arts Conditional Studio is hiring a Community and Project Coordinator to collaborate part-time on a new research project with the working title “Art and the Internet in LA 1969+” to discover and document the history of artists working with the internet in Los Angeles since the first internet message was transmitted from the UCLA campus in 1969. Please visit the link for a full job description and application details. The deadline for applications is September 1, 2020.

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