• MATTIAS DOERFELT artist in residence at Art Center Nabi in Korea

    Mattias will be in Seoul for the next 8 weeks as an artist in residence at Art Center Nabi. He is very excited about Korea and plan to be back in September to continue his work at UCLA Game Lab.

  • ISLA HANSEN et al, The Summit, Guild Hall Center for the Visual and Performing Arts

    August 31 - September 9
    The Summit, Guild Hall Center for the Visual and Performing Arts

    Isla Hansen’s collaborative experimental theater piece, The Summit, premieres at the Guild Hall Center for the Visual and Performing Arts in East Hampton, New York on August 31, 2018. This science fiction dark comedy includes live performance and video, puppetry, animation, and an original score. The Summit is written, directed, and designed by Isla Hansen, Tucker Marder, and Christian Scheider.

    Guild Hall Center for the Visual and Performing Arts
    158 Main St, East Hampton, NY 11937

  • ISLA HANSEN installation, Aeromorphiscope, at Akron Art Museum's Planes, Trains, & Automobiles show.

    July 26, 2018 - July 14, 2019

    Isla Hansen's installation, Aeromorphiscope, is on view as part of the Akron Art Museum's Planes, Trains, & Automobiles show. This interactive soft sculpture prompts audiences of all ages to consider the relationship between bodies, motion, and technology by activating three forms of animation hidden in a twenty-foot plush aircraft sculpture.

    Akron Art Museum
    One South High, Akron, Ohio 44308

  • ERKKI HUHTAMO Contributes to LACMA's 3D: Double Vision Exhibition

    Professor Erkki Huhtamo has lent items from his media archaeological collection to LACMA's new exhibition 3D: Double Vision. He also wrote one of the catalogue essays. Several pictures in the gorgeous exhibition catalogue, including its covers, are from Huhtamo's collection.

    3D: Double Vision is the first major exhibition in a US art museum dedicated to art and 3D. It will be on view between July 15, 2018 and March 19, 2019.

    For more, see:

  • CARISSE (CJ) ZEPEDA and LILY CHAEYOUN KIM work together Miss Korea USA pageant

    Lily Chaeyoun Kim never considered participating in a pageant until she was approached by a Korean designer at a hair salon in October.

    “When I decided to run for this Miss Korea pageant I didn’t realize how much time or how much effort (it would take),” Kim said. “I got to learn so much from this pageant, this whole Miss Korea experience, that I definitely would do it all over again if I had to.”

    Kim said her most memorable moments involved working with her friends during the preparation process. Lily Kim’s friend Michael Kim, a rising second-year design media arts student, helped Lily Kim promote herself on social media and provided feedback as Kim and her close friend, Carisse (CJ) Zepeda, a rising third-year design media arts student, planned out the swimsuit design for the bikini walk.

    “(Kim) and (Zepeda), they’re both really out there, so they would come up with all of these crazy ideas and this was one of them,” Michael Kim said.

    It only took two days for Zepeda to design Kim’s swimsuit for the Miss Korea USA pageant.

  • BRENDA G WILLIAMS and SAGI RAFAEL co curating In This Together: Embracing Diversity

    Coming to Castelli Art Space, In This Together: Embracing Diversity curated by Sagi Refael and Brenda G Williams. Join us Wednesday June 27th from 6-10pm for the opening and runs through Sunday July 1st. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of artwork in the exhibition will be donated to benefit Equality California and their work to create a world that is healthy, just and fully equal for all LGBTQ people.

    Castelli Art Space
    June 27 at 6pm ·
    5428 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90016
    Daily until July 1 noon - 6pm

  • PETER LUNENFELD Summer Reading List

    Peter Lunenfeld contributed to Roy Christopher's 15th annual Summer Reading List about art, media, and technology along with novelist Rick Moody, communications theorist Zizi Papacharissi, artist/Dj Paul D. Miller, and others.

  • ERKKI HUHTAMO Speaks in Media in Transition Conference, Utrecht

    Erkki Huhtamo Speaks in Media in Transition Conference, Utrecht

    Professor Erkki Huhtamo is part of a stellar lineup of international media scholars invited to lecture at the Media In Transition Conference, hosted by Utrecht University, the Netherlands. The conference will taken place June 25-26, 2018. The Media in Transition conference series was initiated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    For more, see link:

  • GAVIN HALM landed professorship at Northwest Missouri State University

  • REBECCA ALLEN exhibiting new works titled INSIDE and The Tangle of Mind and Matterin Berlin

    Beginning June 1st 2018, Rebecca Allen will be exhibiting her two recent VR art installations, titled INSIDE and The Tangle of Mind and Matter, in the exhibition “Very Real - Permanent Virtual Reality Installation” at DAM Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

  • KRISTIN McWHARTER won an Ars Electronica Honorable Mention

    Kristin McWharter won an Ars Electronica Honorable Mention in the Interactive Art + Category for her piece Conspiracy: Conjoining the Virtual.

  • p5.js Receives Ars Electronica Honorary Mention in the Digital Communities Category

    p5.js is a community built around an open-source platform that empowers artists, designers, students, and anyone to learn to code and express themselves creatively online. It is a continuation of the original goals of Processing, reinterpreting them for the web. It enables users to quickly prototype interactive applications, data visualizations, and narrative experiences, and share them easily. p5.js is more than just a web programming language; its primary mission is to create an inclusive, diverse, and accessible creative community of users and contributors.

    p5.js was initiated by Lauren McCarthy, and involves many DMA collaborators including Sarah Brady, Hye Min Cho, Andrés Colubri, Alice M. Chung, Eric Fanghanel Adam Ferris, Carlos Garcia, Stalgia Grigg, Johanna Hedva, Kate Hollenbach, Zoë Ingram, Chelly Jin, Lilyan Kris, Chandler McWilliams, Casey Reas, Elana Sasson, Rhazes Spell, Tyler Stefanich, Lee Tusman, David Wicks, Xin Xin, Christina Yglesias, Tyler Yin, and Faith Yu.

  • JUSTIN LUI new sculpture Poly-Mer reviewed in the Daily Bruin

    Justin Lui’s optometrist switched his monthly disposable contact lenses to daily ones a few years ago.

    The ensuing plastic waste inspired a multimedia project aimed to convey the importance of environmental sustainability.

    Lui, a design media arts and architechture alumnus, spent more than three years creating “Poly-Mer,” a structure made primarily out of contact lens trays set in front of low-resolution videos of Southern Californian waves. Although his disposable lens trays are recyclable, Lui said the recycling process is never 100 percent efficient, contributing to the pileup of plastic waste in our oceans.

    “With this piece, I’m not waving an (activism) placard necessarily, but hopefully it can inspire some thinking,” Lui said. “Hopefully it gives people pause to see what’s essentially here – this wasted material.”

    The name of the project itself – “Poly-Mer” – refers to both the large polymer molecules that make up plastics as well as the French word “mer,” meaning “sea.” Lui said the name serves as a literary representation of the ocean’s relationship with plastic. Since the ocean is an integral part of our natural surroundings, highlighting its relationship with plastic can help people understand the importance of reducing plastic consumption, he said.

  • PETE HAWKES invites you to SLIMSHADER at OBLONG!!

    Wednesday, June 13th
    6-9pm in the arts district

    We've been running a meetup at Oblong in LA—monthly on Wednesdays in the Arts District. No need to know/understand shaders; it's enough to want to mingle near them and those who wield them. We've been getting traffic from game industry folks, graphics engineers, vr/ar nerds, artists. One part social, one part shader.

    We meet at Oblong's warehouse at the end of Factory Place, near LA Boulders and the Gun Club. It's a bit of a slog from the west side, but we'll make it worth your while. Come early for some food or a climb, then join us! Lots of pixels to play with.

    Info here:

    Slack invite here:

  • CHAEYOUN LILY KIM placed 3rd in pageant outcome with Miss Korea USA

    Chaeyoun Lily Kim has placed on the top 3 to represent as a Miss Korea USA 2018. Carisse Zepeda, also a DMA student designed Chaeyoun's swimsuit for the competition.

    Chaeyoun will to fly out to Korea Monday night for the training center for the Miss Korea Pageant that will be taking place in Korea.

    DMA faculty, staff and students wish her all the best luck.

  • DAHN GIM in "It’s Snowing in LA" at AA|LA

    It’s Snowing in LA
    June 9 - 14
    Opening Reception June 9 | 6 - 9pm

    AA|LA is pleased to present It’s Snowing in LA, a group exhibition by Dahn Gim, Sejin Hyun, Kang Seung Lee, Haena Yoo, Minha Park, and Min ha Park. Employing a diverse range of media from video and drawing, these artists—all of whom have lived in Korea and Los Angeles—reframe the historical and personal significance of these cities in order to reflect aesthetic, social, and political exchange. By exploring how a city is constructed, fabricated, and imagined, It’s Snowing in LA navigates cultural identities rooted in transience, remembrance, and a redefining of space.

    In the video A Story of Elusive Snow, Minha Park curiously searches for snow in Los Angeles as a means of reconnecting with Korea, but is ultimately unsatisfied by her discovery of synthetic snow on a Hollywood set. Sejin Hyun replicates an Ikea catalogue in Borrowing Art From Ikea, in order to investigate the nature of fabricated domestic settings irrespective of geographical or cultural context.

    Min ha Park’s abstracted day scapes and nightscapes reflect the familiarity of natural and electric lights in Seoul and Los Angeles. Drawing upon the iconography of Southern California, Not So Muffled, a sculpture by Dahn Gim, features a female voice mimicking the sound of an automobile engine, as soft whispers humanize the cacophony of noise typically associated with freeway culture.

    As the center of the Korean-American community, the Koreatown neighborhood serves a focal point for reflecting on the evolution and history of place. In the installation Under Construction, Haena Yoo models a Koreatown construction site to which she adds video clips from local restaurants and Korean advertisements from the past three decades alongside broadcast coverage of the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising. This exploration of the transforming neighborhood compliments Kang Seung Lee’s use of news imagery from 1992 Los Angeles Uprising. His prints reimagine these featured sites of violence as ghostly memorials to traumatic pasts.


    7313 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA

  • MATT MANOS named 1 of 100 of the Most Talented and Influential Creatives Working Today

    Matt Manos, the founder of verynice, named 1 of "100 of the Most Talented and Influential Creatives Working Today" by HOW Design.

  • SARAH ROSALENA BRADY'S Coyotes in Two Directions at CSNI

    Coyotes in Two Directions is a new body of works by Sarah Rosalena Brady. Coyotes in Two Directions examines the signifier of the trickster and shapeshifter as a symbolic metaphor to create techno-hybrid forms. Coyotes are symbolic in mythology and present in Western urban landscapes as one of the most successful animals surviving the Anthropocene. Emergent forms are employed through sculpture, automata, and 3D scans.

    -June 7th 2018
    5:00pm to 7:00pm
    CNSI Building at UCLA
    Art | Sci Center Gallery, 5th Floor

  • JENNIFER STEINKAMP in Open Spaces, Swope Park and the Nelson Atkins, Kansas City, Missouri

    August 25 - October 28, 2018
    Open Spaces, Swope Park and the Nelson Atkins, Kansas City, Missouri, curated by Dan Cameron.

  • JENNIFER STEINKAMP at the Clark Institute

    June 30 - October 8, 2018
    The Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts, curated by Esther Bell, 2018.

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