There are two objects in a plain beige room: an oversized book suspended in the air and a machine to its right. The machine has six speakers and one large spinning cylinder with a string attached, all of which are supported by a thin beige wooden structur
There is a plain beige wooden block shaped in the form of an open book suspended in air. The wood has brown inscriptions. The left block has the inscriptions "NOTE DE L'AUTER" underlined with text too small to read under it, then "NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR" un
This is a photo taken inside a large cylinder so that only a portion of the actual room can be seen. The cylinder has wooden poles further covering some parts of the view. In the room are some people who seem to be observing things on the wall.
This is a light beige wooden machine with a cylinder on the top and six speakers on the bottom. Each speaker and the cylinder has one string attached to it. The machine is supported with thin beige wooden sticks.
This is a close up of the cylinder on top of the light beige machine. It seems to have small black rectangles on it in a particular pattern, likely so that the machine can read the rectangles, which are arranged in lines, and interpret music of some kind.
This is a diagonal view of the light beige machine and book suspended in the air. The machine is supported by thin wooden beams and has a cylindrical figure and six speakers, all with lines coming out of them. The text in the book is too small and faint t
This is a close up picture of the speakers on a machine. There is electrical wiring and one string coming out of each speaker. The machine is light beige.