PeopleAlumnx (BA), Class of 2006

Jason Farrell

After graduating in 2006 from UCLA's Art & Architecture department with a Bachelor's Degree in Design | Media Arts, Jason Farrell launched a multi-disciplined design agency with classmate and friend Levi Brooks.

The agency, Use All Five, Inc., has established itself in Los Angeles by focusing primarily on web design, but also works with print design, motion graphics, sound design, and environmental installations.

From their office in sunny and cheerful Venice, CA, Use All Five has worked for the likes of Morphosis, Apple, UCLA Arts & Atmospheric Sciences departments, Red Bull, and has built a social network from the ground up called LittleEngine. They have also re-designed the Los Angeles Homeless Services Coalition’s website, proving that small businesses can make a big philanthropic impact too.

The main focus of the studio is to experiment and develop projects that allow for layered and moving experiences in the confinements of the client's budget and mediums.

Jason and Levi both contribute to the design process of their work, while Jason specializes in the programming side of things, making sure the studio puts together projects that work in real-world situations, and have an efficient, as well as, desirable experience.