ZHENGZHOU and ZHENGYANG HUANG : AIR - Solo Exhibition (Exhibition)


AIR is a 360 film that depicts a situation in which artificial intelligence becomes a natural system and acts like a weather.

As artificial superintelligence progresses, multiple superintelligences co-evolve into a supernature. We are now under the influence of two natural systems. While we already have forecasting systems for disasters in nature, how can we forecast catastrophes that happen in supernature, as they are formed with the corresponding data structures of everyone and everything?

AIR is here to help!

AIR reads the atmosphere in supernature. The forces of supernature are hard to track as they extend beyond the 3 dimensions we live in. Now we have AIR who can forecast and translate supernature events into atmospheric phenomena we can understand. It also gives advice on how to deal with data gales, storms and hurricanes.