TENGCHAO ZHOU - Sympozoom: Natural Playful Generative GAY loneliness: SOLO SHOW (Exhibition)


This is my first solo exhibition! Due to the rambling Omicron, you will not be able to enter the gallery space. However, I adapted. I made it possible for you to look through the glass doors of the gallery, and see my artworks without stepping inside.

It is my first solo show; it is happening in Los Angeles. In this show, I want to talk about what I care about the most: being a lonely gay person. I knew that I love looking at cute guys since I was an adolescent. After all these years, the passion did not become something that I'm so used to and therefore have no desire to mention. On the contrary, it becomes something that I'm obsessed with and willing to chat endlessly about.

I feel okay to be a gay person in LA. There are many gay people around, but life is still lonely. Though I'm not in a rush, I do want to say that I feel lonely and I miss having company.

During this lonely period of life, I want to crack jokes with you, to make you and myself happy. And I like to read Plato’s Symposium with you, a classical text that tells us a distant tale, where several males gathered to drink and converse about love between men. Though the dialogues happened more than 2400 years ago, they feel like the ones that can happen today. The only difference might be that, due to the pandemic, we have to do so through Zoom.

I’m glad that you might come to see my show. And I hope that we can all return to in-person gatherings soon.

Sympozoom: Natural Playful Generative GAY loneliness
Artist: TCZ [TengChaoZhou]
Duration: Feb 8 (Tuesday) 5 PM ~ Feb 10 (Thursday) 5 PM, 2022
Daily hours: 10 AM – 5 PM
Opening reception: Feb 8, 2022 5-8 PM
OnSite: UCLA DMA Graduate Gallery
Broad Art Center 1st Floor, 240 Charles E. Young Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90095