EDA, room 1250

Signing a letter “Sincerely,” has a special kind of power. Sincerely, allows communication to be authentic while still standing in respect. Sincerely, grants the receiving end an opportunity to interpret a letter as they want, but it is a word that signifies realness. It is not as formal as “With Love” and less withdrawn than “Best Regards”. Sincerely, can be warm and empathetic, or professional and modest—but it is always personal.

The UCLA DMA undergraduate class of 2023 welcomes you to our final sign-off, from us to you. This exhibition is a love letter to our guests and ourselves, reflecting on who we have become during our time at UCLA. Translated through a myriad of mediums, these creations voice what inspires us. As designers and artists, we will show the skills we have acquired and mastered during our time in DMA.

Like letters from us to the universe, our works declare the deepest parts of our identities as artists and feature a range of personalities and tones. Whether we are commenting on life’s nuance or identifying significant cultural imprints, these works highlight our authenticity and perspective. We invite you all to our exhibition.

The DMA class of 2023

P.S. Sincerely, opens at 5 pm on Thursday, June 8th, 2023, lasting until June 18th.

The EDA and Untitled Gallery
Broad Art Center, Suite 1100,
Los Angeles, CA 90095.

Public parking is available in UCLA Parking Structure 3.