MFA Thesis Spring 2024 Exhibit (Exhibition)

New Wight Gallery

MFA Thesis Exhibit for 2nd year MFA Graduate Students. This exhibit will run from May 16th - May 30th.

Pulsing cores, twitching digits, memory movements.

Love Machines is the hopeful condition - that through and with ever-changing media we may join together in generosity. Love Machines is the foreclosed command - the demand to operationalize the self and accept technology as the answer.

In the presence of this double, Love Machines looks to make sense of these conflicting desires that permeate contemporary techno-culture. From performances to simulation, the works in this show by the 2024 UCLA DMA MFA cohort both embrace the new relations that media art fosters and call into question the black boxed reality that is formed from these technologies.

As the love of machines swells to consume, the works in this show look toward the love machine, that which turns in mutual care, as a new mode to understand our present.

LOVE MACHINES opens May 16th and will run until May 30th with limited gallery hours. Please check the @ucla_dma Instagram for updated gallery hours.

Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou, Aurora Mititelu, Brenton Zola, Chong Xu, Doyeon Kim, Hua Chai, Jules Johnston, Vinny Roca, Wantong Yao

New Wight Gallery
Broad Art Center
240 Charles E. Young Dr.

Public parking is available in UCLA Parking Structure 3.