MFA Fall 23 Exhibit Opening (Exhibition)

New Wight Gallery

MFA Fall 23 Exhibit Opening for 2nd yr MFA Graduate Students.
This exhibit will run from October 19th - October 26th.

This time is not our time, this time is not your time.

This time, it seems, is the time of another’s recursive designs. The endless reproduction of present conditions formed by violence and precarity - the looping of only the same this/now, as all possibilities of the next, the new, the future are clawed from communal imaginations. It may seem we have reached the end of the now - we form ourselves in the recurrent image, the violence fully internalized.

In the presence of this repetition, THIS TIME/NEXT TIME instead asserts that while this time is not ours the next might not yet be lost, that the rupture and break from the now is still a possibility, and that a politics of escape for all might yet exist in what comes. The works in this show by the 2024 UCLA DMA MFA cohort look towards the position of media art to be always at the slash of the this/now in relation to the next/there; through the use and questioning of various media, we attempt to make sense of what it means to live under the falsely eternal present while in joined struggle to form the next. The works in this show join to announce, plainly: the next time might be your time, the next time might be our time too.