Hua Chai: Solo Exhibition


You are a wandering trash collector sailing down a murky river in your humble boat. Iridescent waters glisten like oil coated plastic. Above its surface, floating clusters of discards and decay drift aimlessly along the current.

Navigate the wasteland. Pick up trash, look at it, hold on to it, consume it, offer it back to the world, or leave it be.

untitled Tr@sh Pr0j3cT is a series of works that collectively reflect upon the capacity for trash objects to both contain and construct histories, desires, and thus, worlds. All the trash used in this work is either collected personally by the artist themselves, or by their friends and acquaintances.

Through negotiations of what gets kept or discarded in the trash collection process, archival practice becomes a worldbuilding activity that is not necessarily motivated by utilitarian concerns, but could also potentially be shaped through nostalgia, global market forces, and notions of shared cultural identity. In this way, the trash archive itself bears the affordance to represent both a portrait of the archival practitioner, as well as a visualisation of the shared contexts and collective memories that they are informed by. The trash object is simultaneously the subject and medium for the act of historical (re)collection. In this arbitrary filtering of trash objects, along with instructional prompts that invite audiences to engage with the found trash objects, I hope the archive can reflect a more complex, contradictory and unpredictable environment as in Kaelan Doyle-Myerscough's notion of planetarity, in that even the so-called "creators" themselves are thought to be subjects rather than authoritative gods of the worlds they build.