To voice memo an idea is make a note for later reference, to brainstorm, to document and also to be able to gain perspective by talking to oneself’s other selves.

It is a working process within the act of walking, being in movement, and within living in the dimensions of the minds many perceptions of realities.

By note taking through listening to ones own voice, voice memos function as a critique and point of reflection mostly free from judgement. A voice memo documents the site of practice, As being inherently within the site of being in process. It captures how within this site, ideas encounter us suddenly as by surprise.

Often starting voice memos with the word "Idea", Argote talks to in hand, recording.

The phone offering a space to be ones own objective listener. The phone as studio, as testing site, and as potential platform that is able to share with others. The phone as architecture.

Voice memos for Argote allow her to revisit moments as they pass, as she passes them, and to be able to converse, hold, consider and save for later.

Carmen Argote is a multidisciplinary artist who works through the act of inhabiting a space. Argote’s practice is in conversation with the site she is working from, often pointing to the body, to class, and to economic structures in relationship to the architecture and to personal history.