The UCLA department of Design Media Arts invites you to participate at our annual DMA Career Day, Friday, January 21, 2022.

Career Day is an opportunity for DMA juniors and seniors only, to interview for internships, jobs and get experience in interviewing and thinking about the work you would like to do, as well as researching companies to decide what is the best fit. This is a great opportunity to meet one on one with some of the top companies, to review your portfolios and, discussing your goals and ambitions with reviewers.

At this annual event, we will have representatives from various industries working in a wide variety of media: from print to interactive design, augmented/virtual reality to motion graphics, branding to game design, and any other fields connected to DMA studies. Not only will corporate firms be represented, but also independent designers and artists, some who are DMA alumni. We are hosting Career Day 2022 online with Zoom in break out rooms.

If you are participating in the DMA UG Exhibition, a virtual tour of the exhibition will be made available to the reviewers before Career Day. This is a yet another great opportunity for reviewers to see your broad areas of interests.

Juniors and Seniors will be sent a list of reviewers and their company links Friday, January 14. Sign up for this event will be first come first served and there are a limited amount of spots per reviewer.

You will be asked to complete a sign-up sheet for 2-3 interviews depending on availability Tuesday, January 18 at 11am.