Pop-up Lecture: How To be A Slime Mould

February 8, 2016, 6:00 pm   » 

In cooperation with UCLA, Art | Sci Center + Lab and The Environmental Humanities at UCLA, UCLA Design Media Arts presents:

An explosion of new economy models is surfacing all around the world: Sharing. Peer-to-Peer. Platform cooperativism. Mobility as a service. Bioregions. Local money. Transition Towns. In his inspiring new book, How To Thrive In the Next Economy, the founder of Doors of Perception argues that new economy is emerging whose core value is stewardship, not extraction. He celebrates the power of small actions to transform the bigger picture - especially when projects connect together as social and ecological systems.

For thirty years John Thackara has traveled the world in his search of stories about the practical steps taken by communities to realize a sustainable future. He writes about these stories online, and in books; he uses them in talks for cities, and business; he also organizes festivals and events that bring the subjects of these stories together. John’s latest book is How To Thrive In John is a Senior Fellow of the Royal College of Art, in London, and a Fellow of The Next Economy.

A Brit who now lives in southern France, John studied philosophy, and trained as a journalist, before working for ten years as a book and magazine editor. He was the first director (1993—1999) of the Netherlands Design Institute in Amsterdam; he was program director of Designs of The Time (Dott), the social innovation biennial in England; he was commissioner in 2008 of France’s main design biennial, Cite du Design. Musashino Art University in Japan. In 2015, he received an honorary doctorate from Plymouth University. He is also a member of the UK Parliament’s Standing Commission on Design.

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