May 30, 2013, 5:00 pm   » 

Thursday, May 30th
DAVID FAMILIAN "Echo & Narcissus": EXHIBITION opening
CNSI 5419 / Art|Sci gallery
Echo & Narcissus is an installation that explores this ancient myth as a metaphor for the interaction between two individuals who cannot communicate with one another. Consisting of an interactive visual projection on water, a soundtrack of Echo's voice and projected text generated from a script, each of these distinct elements utilizes counterpoint to produce a series of visual and sonic relationships.

As a viewer looks into the water the viewer sees an image of their own face gradually materializing, dematerializing, disappearing, then reappearing once again in different forms. As the counterpoint, Echo’s voice permeates the space, moving throughout the gallery creating a haunting affect as it surrounds the viewer, then recedes. A text projected along the wall generates a narrative that is in dialogue with Echo’s voice.

Echo & Narcissus is directed/produced by artist/curator David Familian, who is artistic director of the Beall Center for Art + Technology at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, UC Irvine. His collaborating team includes author Terry Wolverton, writer of the voice of Echo and the narrative and two media artists: Eric Parren, programmer of the interactive elements and sound, and David Leonard, programmer of the generated text and co-producer the project.

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