THREE OF A KIND: W. Henri Lucas, Brian Roettinger and Gail Swanlund


November 20, 2012, 7:30 pm   » 

Using the 20 essays from the Graphic Design: Now in Production catalogue as a roadmap, three L.A.-based independent designers discuss their work and that of others. The work of Brian Roettinger, the former design director of the Southern California Institute of Architecture, encompasses design, publishing, writing, and curating. Gail Swanlund is a designer whose professional practice includes work for art and design institutions and collaborative projects with visual artists such as Paul McCarthy, Jennifer Steinkamp, Laura Owens, and Benjamin Weissman. Primarily a book designer (exploring the sensibility of printed matter, in material as well as content) Willem Henri Lucas is interested in addressing social issues and bringing design back “to the street,” and “humanity” back into design, encouraging future designers to be a valuable part of their communities.

In conjunction with Graphic Design: Now in Production.

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