iotaCenter Salon

Experimental Works of Abstract Film and Video hosted by DMA Graduate Students

January 7, 2010, 7:30 pm   » 

The theme for this salon is TEXT AND SPEECH. We will be examining works that explore the confluence of abstraction and language. What choices do artists make when using text in abstraction? How do speech and poetry compliment or complicate visuals? The lineup of films (subject to change) currently includes:
Screening on 16mm as part of the historic film segment:
The Critic (1963) - Ernie Pintoff
Silence (1968) - Jules Engel
Dear Janice (1972) - Adam Beckett
Screening on video for the contemporary segment:
The Alphabet (1968) - David Lynch
Primiti Too Ta (1988) - Colin Morton and Ed Ackerman
The Dreamlife of Letters (2006) - Brian Kim Stefans
Oli's Dream (2008) - Jaroslaw Kapuscinski (Text by Camille Norton)
Karatchi Scramble (2009) - Chris Casady
Floating Point (2009) - Audri Phillips
Civil War (2009) - Jean Detheaux

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