Christo Allegra


November 19, 2008, 5:00 pm   » 

The DMA Graduate Gallery is pleased to present the multimedia installation Morphogenesis by first year Design | Media Art graduate student Christo Allegra. Known for creating works that intersect information design, dynamic media and performance, Christo Allegra’s latest project is a study of the representation of the idealized form.

Morphogenesis, as a concept, is the process by which living things develop organized structures. Through morphogenesis humans attempt to explain pattern formation and the structure of organic shapes. Alan Turing described this phenomenon mathematically to account for the patterns of pine cones and sunflowers
otherwise known as phyllotaxis.

In this installation a programmatically generated phyllotaxis extends dimensionally in space and projects in segments via video projection in the gallery. Created in Processing, the image contains vectors that constantly change form. A series of handmade drawings documenting the nodes of the form, are presented as wallpaper on the walls surrounding the projection. The program will run for the duration of the show and all the drawings will be given away at the end of the evening.

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