Cheol-Woong Sim Exhibition: 'Moments of American Life'

'Moments of American Life'

February 6, 2008, 5:00 pm   » 

Cheol-Woong Sim, born in South Korea, lives in LA and stays in Seoul periodically. Studied Studio Painting (BFA, MFA) in Seoul National University(SNU). Came to LA in 1985, obtained MA in Art History (1990) and MFA in Visual Communication(CG/Video, now Design|Media Arts, {1994), at UCLA. Currently teaching in the dept. of Painting, SNU as a professor and working as a media artist in Seoul and LA. Had solo exhibitions nine times, and presented works in various exhibitions such as Gwangju Biennale(2003), The Paris Cinema(2006) and Busan Biennale(2006)
1. Bubble Multiplication (1996, Single channel video projection, no Sound, loop)
2. A Sea with Two Names II (2002, 2006 Single channel video, Audio/Sound, 18')
3. PARASPACE: Image of Waves (2007, Single channel video projection, Sound, 10 min)
4. Moments of American Life (2008, Single channel video projection, Sound, 5 min)
5. Walking with Huskies (2008, Interactive Installation)

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