Pavel Smetana - Brainwaves & Biofeedback: artistic and scientific issues

Arts + Activism Lecture Series, Art| Sci Center

February 29, 2008, 12:00 pm   » 

Brainwaves & biofeedback is conceived as an artistic exploration of alternative causality, qualitative physics and scientific research.

In the framework of corporeal performance, human body immersed in a hybrid space and it becomes a centre of interactive correlation between physiological processes and self-awareness. Concerning human consciousness, the interior processes of reflexivity and imagination, that create and sustain our self image and its relationship to a world, provide a field of active exploration with an aim for the participant to investigate her unique emotional states as audio-visually represented (so otherwise perceptually inaccessible) source of knowledge.

Analysis and interpretation of biophysical signals is a part of internal scenario of this talk. It relates physiological processes to a principled behaviour of the system-governed virtual environment. This relation establishes a complex dependency between constantly changing emotional states of the participant and the character of the virtual world.

We will investigates the heart, brain, and the nervous system as fundamental components of a dynamic, interactive network that underlies emotional experience in an immersive virtual environment.

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