Erkki Huhtamo

Tuesday lunchtime lecture series: Current creative research of D|MA faculty

October 11, 2005, 12:00 pm   » 

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The faculty of Design | Media Arts represent the diversity of interests along with the interdisciplinary tendencies and innovative hybridity that the department promotes and nurtures in their students. The Fall seminar will focus on their most current creative research that is either at the beginning conceptual phase or in the midst of production. This gives the audience a rare glimpse into the creative process at an early stage along with all the considerations and issues that have to be addressed in order to produce a successful project.

Professor Erkki Huhtamo's recent work has dealt with media archaeology, an approach he has contributed to developing during a number of years. Media archaeology excavates forgotten, neglected or suppressed media-cultural phenomena, providing us a powerful "tool" for assessing the phenomena underlying media history and contributing to its unfolding. He pays particular attention to the "life" of topoi, or cliched, commonplace elements that provide "moulds" for experience. What is "new" in media culture can,
paradoxically, best discovered by excuvating what is - seemingly - cliched and obsolete. Professor
Huhtamo has applied this approach to phenomena like "peep media", the notion of the "screen" and mobile media. Recently he gave an invited lecture at REFRESH! The First International Conference on Media Art Histories, Science and Technology (Banff, Canada), focusing on ways media artists have applied
media-archaeological approaches. Professor Huhtamo is currently working on two books, one on the moving panorama as a forgotten mass medium of the 19th century and the other on the ?archaeology of interactivity.?

All lectures are streamed live.

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