Katherine Moriwaki & Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Social Fashioning & Deconstructing Networks, Free Flow Lecture:

March 14, 2005, 6:00 pm   » 

Mar. 14, 2005
Katherine Moriwaki & Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Social Fashioning & Deconstructing Networks

Katherine will discuss ‘Social Fashioning’ via spontaneous, ad-hoc networks that rely upon mobile and flexible infrastructure that dynamically reconfigure based on necessity and circumstance. The integration of these communication devices into intimate personal objects and their resonant contribution to the statement that the people are the network will be explored as she focuses on projects: ‘RECOIL’, ‘Inside/Outside’, ‘Oscillating Windows’, and ‘’, as examples of ‘socially-fashioned’ networks, utilizing a combination of wearable technologies, varying degrees of network infrastructure, and social behavior.

Jonah will discuss his work on the theme of ‘Deconstructing Networks’, in both physical and online instantiations. He will discuss his projects that attempt to challenge accepted notions of network interaction from software manipulation and rule-based systems to translating virtual processes and conventions into the physical world. Projects to be discussed will include ‘BumpList’, ‘Alerting Infrastructure!’, ‘PoliceState’, and ‘WiFi-Hog’, amongst others.

BIO: Katherine Moriwaki is an artist and researcher investigating clothing and accessories as the active conduit through which people create network relationships in public space. Currently a Ph.D. Candidate in the Disruptive Design Team of the Networks and Telecommunications Research Group (NTRG) at Trinity College Dublin, her work has appeared in numerous magazines and festivals including IEEE Spectrum Magazine and at the Centre Georges Pompidou. She is a 2004 recipient of the Araneum prize from the Spanish Ministry for Science and Technology and Fundacion ARCO.

BIO: Jonah Brucker-Cohen is a researcher, artist, and Ph.D candidate at the
NTRG, Trinity College Dublin. Prior work includes research with the Human Connectedness Group at Media Lab Europe. His work focuses on projects that critically challenge and subvert accepted perceptions of network interaction and experience. His writing has appeared in numerous international publications including Wired Magazine and Rhizome, and his work has shown at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, Whitney Museum of American Art's ArtPort, and Ars Electronica.

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