Philosophy and Mathematics

October 10, 2017, 6:00 pm   » 

Two Talks by Alain Badiou
Tuesday, October 10, "Philosophy and Mathematics"
Thursday, October 12, "Philosophy and Poetry"

Both at 6:00 PM in the EDA, room 1250, first floor of the Broad Art Center
UCLA, Design Media Arts

The UCLA Program in Experimental Critical Theory Program and the Department of Design Media Arts present two evenings with French philosopher and playwright Alain Badiou.

Alain Badiou is a philosopher and playwright, and Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the Department of Philosophy of the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. He is the author of four foundational works of philosophy, Theory of the Subject (1982; trans. 2009), Being and Event (1988; trans. 2005), Logics of Worlds: Being and Event 2 (2006; trans. 2009), and The Immanence of Truths: Being and Event 3 (forthcoming), as well as numerous shorter and occasional pieces on topics such as ethics, contemporary politics, film, love, literature, and art. He is also the author of several plays and novels. His Seminar from 1983 to 2012 is being published in France; the first two volumes, on Lacan and Malebranche, will appear in English on Columbia University Press in 2018.

EDA  (Map)
Broad Art Center
240 Charles E. Young Drive, Room 1250
Los Angeles, CA 90095
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