Aurora Mititelu | Self/Defense: DMA SOLO EXHIBITION (Exhibition)

EDA, Grad Gallery

Aurora Mititelu | Self/Defense | DMA Graduate Solo Show
EDA, Broad Art Center, Room 1250
May 2nd - May 4th, 2023
Opening Reception: May 2nd, 5-8pm

Self/Defense is an immersive media installation by Aurora Mititelu that proposes a poetic interpretation of human vulnerability and inner conflict through the use of digital representation and experimental film techniques. The work is a personal reflection on the internalization of narrative structures to make sense of one’s own psyche and autobiography. Through an iterative, obsessive loop, the piece creates a continuous tension between tranquility and conflict. It represents an aim to turn one’s skin inside-out, to transform a visceral feeling into a monumental, spatial, and aesthetic experience.

Broad Art Center — Experimental Digital Arts, Room 1250
240 Charles E Young Drive North
Los Angeles, CA 90095