Yogan Muller special preview organized in conjunction with the Brewery Art Walk

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Yogan Muller is thrilled to invite you to a special preview organized in conjunction with the Brewery Art Walk. He will present new prints from his Tracy Hills portfolio made in collaboration with Ryan McIntosh.

Meet at Ryan's studio (642 Moulton Ave #W12, Los Angeles, CA 90031) on Saturday, April 29 and Sunday, April 30, 11-6 PM.

In addition, we will host an invite-only reception on Saturday, April 29 from 6 to 8 PM. Contact Yogan at:

Ryan McIntosh and Yogan Mu?ller have been photographing Tracy Hills, a new master-planned city two hours east of San Francisco, since August 2021. Large freeway billboards indicate the locations of the new villages coming soon. The grasslands have been graded and paved. Cheaply constructed houses made with weak beams, thin plywood, and flimsy plastic siding sprawl the landscape. Rolls of artificial turf are piled up in the landscape, ready to be unfurled into new lawns. The American dream of owning a single-family home means these developments continue to thrive despite state and local officials recognizing that they only exacerbate the climate change problem. Rising housing costs are pushing families into the far-flung “exurbs” like Tracy Hills. Furthering the conversation first formulated by The New Topographics, McIntosh and Muller factor in the water and climate crisis and its impact on such exurbs. They employ their visual and photographic vocabulary to chronicle this rapidly changing landscape, where water scarcity and inhospitable climate might soon obliterate promises of abundance.