• TEDxUCLA will be virtual! This year’s theme is Agency

    TEDxUCLA May 15th, 2021
    Registration is Open! TEDxUCLA has some powerful ideas to share on May 15th, Noon -3 pm.

    TEDxUCLA is virtual this year. The conference will be hosted live on zoom.

    Virtual Conference Registration sign up here:

  • GELARE KHOSHGOZARAN - How to gently unpack an empire

    Bringing into conversation three artistic positions rooted on the West Coast of this land now called the United States, and expanding outwardly, how to gently unpack an empire investigates the capacities and possibilities of living fugitively within the US empire both in opposition and alongside it. Featuring the works of Demian Dinéyazhi’, Vinhay Keo and Gelare Khoshgozaran and accompanied by a suite of public programs—Chitra Ganesh and Mariam Ghani on Index of the Disappeared; lauren woods and Kimberli Meyer on American Monument, Sean Connelly on Hawai’i Futures, and a closing listening session with Arshia Fatima Haq of Discostan —this project is an unpacking of this dialogue through the mining of personal and historical archives of a rapacious empire that both promises and takes away.

  • PETER LUNENFELD in Conversation with Tom Dyja

    Chevalier’s Books posted Peter Lunenfeld’s conversation with Tom Dyja about the later’s new book, New York, New York, New York: Four Decades of Success, Excess and Transformation.

  • BRIAN YUNG nominated for 2 Webby Awards

    Brian Yung (DMA Class of 2019) been nominated for two Webby Awards for a project he did in quarantine last year — it’s a website called “Can I Binge?” ( that essentially calculates for you how long it’d take to binge a TV show.

    The public voting deadline coming up on Thursday May 6, any kind of amplification to the DMA Community would be much appreciated!

  • GUSTAVO TEPETLA awarded 2021 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) “Undergraduate Student” Award

    Dear Gustavo,

    On behalf of the Academic Senate Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, I congratulate you on receiving this year’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) “Undergraduate Student” Award.

    Your selection for this distinguished honor is a tribute to your notable accomplishments and your manifest commitment to diversity. Your excellent work has made a real difference, and we are proud to acknowledge your contributions in fostering an equitable and inclusive UCLA.


    Richard Yarborough, Chair
    Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    UCLA Academic Senate

  • UCLA Arts Alumni Engagement Survey

    We value your opinions and insights as a UCLA Arts alum. By sharing your feedback about the alumni experience at UCLA Arts, you will help us develop new programming to better serve and engage our extraordinary alumni community.
    Let us know what you think by taking this brief, 10-minute online survey.

    At the end of the survey, update your update your contact information and be eligible to win a $100 gift certificate to Coolhaus, a UCLA Arts alum and women/LGBTQ+ -owned ice cream brand!

    We are closing the survey on Friday, May 14th

  • PETER LUNENFELD talks with Tom Dyja author New York, New York, New York,

    Peter Lunenfeld talks withTom Dyja about New York, New York, New York, Tuesday May 4th at 6:00 PM, PST

    In a virtual dialogue hosted by Chevalier’s, LA’s oldest independent bookstore, Peter Lunenfeld talks with author Tom Dyja about New York, New York, New York: Four Decades of Success, Excess, and Transformation, which the New York Times calls a "tour de force, a work of astonishing breadth and depth that encompasses seminal changes in New York’s government and economy, along with deep dives into hip-hop, the AIDS crisis, the visual arts, housing, architecture and finance.” Tuesday May 4th at 6:00 PM, PST,

    To Register: Go to link.




    The challenge that digital artists, curators and collectors have faced for decades has been how to sell artwork that is by nature infinitely reproducible. Unlike a painting or sculpture, digital artworks can be reduced to a series of 0s and 1s, or an algorithm that can easily be copied.

    Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, offer a technological solution. They work as public ledgers, using blockchain technology to track digital transactions. When a collector buys an NFT, they’re essentially acquiring a tamper-proof digital receipt. That also allows the artist to retain a percentage of the revenue each time their work is sold.

    Read and listen:


    Apr 27 2021
    4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    RSVP on the link

    Eric Hu is a DISRUPTOR in the fields of branding, graphic design, and typography. Inspired by the diverse aesthetic influences offered by the City of Los Angeles, he has built an international reputation for pairing maximalist image-making with typographic nuance.

    After serving as the Global Design Director at Nike and Director of Design at SSENSE, Hu launched his creative consultancy and design practice, Eric Hu studio. As the studio’s art director, he pairs his creative vision and experience with clients in the fashion, music, architecture, and technology spaces. Join the Fowler and DISRUPT for a glimpse at Hu’s work and a conversation about how he pushes the bounds of experimental graphic design and disrupts corporate identities in the creation of new visual languages.

    DISRUPT is a UCLA student design organization that aims to establish inclusive spaces and create opportunities for students of all backgrounds to engage in creative collaborations. The Fowler is honored to partner with DISRUPT to offer programs that break down barriers in the art world and promote innovative ideation through inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

  • GELARE KHOSHGOZARAN joined MARCH as an editor

    After many years of working together as a writer, collaborator and co-thinker, we are pleased to announce that Gelare Khoshgozaran will be joining MARCH as a new editor.

  • LAUREN LEE McCARTHY on The Artian - Building intimacy through technology

    UCLA Design Media Arts Associate Professor Lauren Lee McCarthy was just on @theartian and talked about building intimacy through technology. Whether you're an early adopter of new tech or a skeptic, listen here.

  • Professional career resource

    Spill the Beans is a free career website with over 70+ informational interviews from professionals working in companies like Disney, Nike, and Adobe.

    There are stories from graphic designers, product designers, entrepreneurs, and more who share their journey in coming to pursue their current role and recommended resources for those who are starting out!

    Follow SpilltheBeans🌱 on LinkedIn & Instagram for the latest updates!

  • ArtPop 6 - Artist Call

    ArtPop 6; walk through several locations in Westwood

    ArtPop will be an art show that will take place around the neighborhoods of Westwood on May 28th. Get ready to answer some riddles, find free prizes, and enjoy tons of different art!

    We are recruiting artists (paid opportunity) to display their art and contribute to the experience. If interested, please fill out form below. Thank you!

  • PETER LUNENFELD featured in Washington University story “Screening Contagion.

    Peter Lunenfeld is featured in a story out of Washington University in St. Louis about their Medical Humanities film and discussion series, “Screening Contagion." To understand his comment, "“Happy epidemic films have low R-naughts. Zombie films have high R-naughts,” See Link



    It’s clear we’re malfunctioning. The love affair we’ve had with technology is well beyond the honeymoon period, and we’re stuck in a dreary relationship. While AI and machine learning promised to take care of menial tasks and free us up for high functioning behaviours, we haven’t got a clear idea of what these new behaviours are. Instead of making time for leisure, these technologies have been most successful in keeping invisible human labour invisible. Bummer. Machine Gurning is a work in progress exhibition about the end of the party. All work is courtesy of MA Communication and Experience students at Goldsmiths College in London.

    THIS ONLINE EVENT WILL REMAIN ACTIVE UNTIL MAY 24TH. Goldsmiths College, London. MA Design | Communication and Experience

  • LAUREN LEE McCARTHY Panalist at MIT List Visual Arts Center forum Another World

    2021 Max Wasserman Forum on Contemporary Art
    Another World
    April 6–10, 2021

    The 2021 Max Wasserman Forum: Another World brings together artists, educators, and writers at the forefront of discourses on art in the digital realm to share their deep understandings and perspectives on digital media’s potential for more radical, imaginative, and limitless forms of cyber expressions. This online reimaging of the Wasserman forum presents two pre-recorded panels that look further into ideas of power and building with a particular interest in the merging and fluidity between the human and artificial experience, contemplating the nature of humanity in light of our current climate. The forum culminates with a live stream closing keynote with Hito Steyerl.

    Panel 2: What are the Barriers?
    Panelists: American Artist and Lauren Lee McCarthy
    Moderated by Gloria Sutton

    As diffuse and capacious as the concept of digital space remains, it is often defined in opposition to spaces and exchanges in real life (IRL) making distinctions between online and offline living extremely fluid. How porous are these boundaries as the merging of human and artificial experience by choice or necessity become more commonly embraced? Today as in person social interactions are curtailed and we have become more reliant on online forms of exchange and communication, we have become more aware of the ways the digital reflects and in some cases expands issues of access IRL. Limitations of digital forms, inequity to access, and the limitations set by institutional frameworks will formulate this discussion. These panelists will convene together to consider societal, cultural, institutional and cognitive barriers that form our digital behaviors and inform our digital spaces. What are the barriers, what are the rules that we are abiding by and why do we continue to do so? How do these barriers shape how we interact with one another? This session brings together artists that challenge and critically reflect on creative strategies utilized to push the boundaries to inform another world of possibilities.

    Online pre-recorded panel discussions
    April 6-10, 2021
    Closing keynote address live stream with Hito Steyerl
    Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 3pm EST

  • NATALEE DECKER, DON EDLER, MARU GARCIA, SARA DRAKE et al - Publication Launch - The Whole Sell

    Publication Launch - The Whole Sell

    Screening & Discussion with Hiba Ali & Nina Sarnelle
    March 20, 20:00 CET / 12:00 PDT / 15:00 EDT

    This free event features a screening of video works by Hiba Ali and Nina Sarnelle, followed by a discussion and Zoom reception. Via breakout rooms, guests are invited to meet and chat with the publication’s artist contributors.

    The Whole Sell participating artists (alphabetically): alex cruse, Alexandra Neuman, Angelica Falkeling, Betelhem Makonnen, Chester Vincent Toye, Dina Kelberman, Don Edler, Eileen Isagon Skyers, Felix Kalmenson, Hea-Mi Kim, Hiba Ali, Ida Falck Øien, Imin Yeh, Ina-Maria Shikongo, Ji Soo Chung, Job Sánchez, Johanna Zanon & Emmanuelle Polle, Kristin McWharter, Laura Hyungee Kim, laura stinger, Maru Garcia, Mia Melvær, Mookyung Sohn, Natalee Decker, Nina Sarnelle, Paul Pescador, Sara Drake, Vika Kirchenbauer, and Yoojin Lee.

    The Whole Sell was made possible thanks to the generous volunteer work of programmer Joar Glosvik.

  • ERKKI HUHTAMO Speaks online at Flicker & Flow, Sao Paolo

    Erkki Huhtamo Speaks online at Flicker & Flow, Sao Paolo

    Flicker & Flow is an international series of online interviews with scholars, researchers and curators related to the archaeology of the moving image. This Wednesday March 10, 2021 the guest is the eminent UCLA professor Erkki Huhtamo, one of the founders of media archaeology, now an approach practiced worldwide.

    Huhtamo will be interviewed in English by Raimo Benedetti and Marcus Bastos from Brazil. The series is supported by the Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paolo.

    Huhtamo's live interview begins at 11am (PDT) and can be followed from the following link:

  • ANDRES COLUBRI new project Colecciones Especiales

    Colecciones Especiales
    This project is a web-based interactive viewer of the Special Documents and Collections from the Network of Libraries of the Bank of the Republic of Colombia. This network is the repository of various collections, archives and unique documentary pieces. These “special materials” have incorporated since the Luis Ángel Arango Library began its work in 1958. It currently holds a collection of materials of various types, themes, and historical and geographical coverage, which are invaluable primary sources for research, preservation, and dissemination of the Colombian cultural heritage.


    Art Lovers Movie Club: Gelare Khoshgozaran, ‘Medina Wasl: Connecting Town’

    ‘Through its levelling of fact and its attendant fictions, of dream and protest,’ the films of Los Angeles-based Iranian artist and writer Gelare Khoshgozaran open up a brave new world of contemporary story-telling, Chris Fite-Wassilak writes in a new feature on her work.

    In March 2021, Art Lovers Movie Club is screening two films by the artist. In the 30-minute film Medina Wasl: Connecting Town (2018), voices are heard over a desert scene – soldiers, discussing excursions into southwest Asia. That’s where we assume the film is located, but all is not as it first appears. Stalls are stocked with plastic fruit; mud-brick buildings turn out to be hastily painted shipping containers. The artist’s accompanying notes explain that this is a military training facility in California, designed to prepare US troops for service abroad.

    And in Khoshgozaran’s Men of My Dreams (2020), the artist wears a range of masks depicting the titular men that appear in her dreams, from poet Federico García Lorca to singer Farhad Mehrad. ‘In Khoshgozaran’s fractured, unfinished dream diary, where the aftermath of protests is placed next to serene seaside moments, the evocation of these figures seems to point towards a desire for escape, from the ruin, the virus, the violence – and to look to them for answers or comfort,’ Fite-Wassilak writes.

    Screening dates:
    Gelare Khoshgozaran, Medina Wasl: Connecting Town (2018): 2–14 March 2021
    Gelare Khoshgozaran, Men of My Dreams (2020): 15–23 March 2021

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