Graduate Profiles

Phazero ***

Class of 2019

Phazero is an Autonomous Space Unicorn that creates weirdo games, or games for weirdos, or maybe they’re not games at all and it’s all just weird. **** No one really knows. **** We just know it’s a wholesome turbo smoothie concocted of delicious tropes, aesthetics, secret l4\|\gu4g3s and the dopest recollections from the mind of a lifetime video game nerd ++ a big healthy dose of emotional baggage, pain and lots of gummi bears and sprinkles. **** Phazero happily destroys boundaries and definitions between Indie, Art, Game, Illness, Polished, Broken, Happy, Fun, and any other smothering words dying to be free- letting everything pour together and get nice and weird. **** They’re currently working on a hyper-cute wonderland about trauma and neglect, it’s gonna be lit <3 <3 <3. **** You can get weird too at