UCLA Design|Media Arts
Undergraduate Exhibition


opening reception

January 17th, 2013 / 5pm

with food by FEED US FUND US
featuring ASTRONAUTICA and

On the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, ultraviolet light lies just beyond the realm of visible perception. This high-intensity energy is only detectable by the physical reactions it initiates. A source of ultraviolet light is a source of potential momentum, emitting information along countless pathways.

UCLA's department of Design Media Arts, charged with the accumulated creative potential of talented students across multiple disciplines, finds an outlet this year through UV / UG, a showcase of recent personal and class projects. The range of these works represents divergent but overlapping trajectories: each student is exposed to the same set of foundational skills, but chooses combinations that illuminate a unique direction. The result is amplified energy, projected outward – circulating currents of ideas and inspiration – and onward – providing momentum to sustain continuous growth of the department.