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Ephemeral by nature, this quality is apparent in my work. I am interested in technology as an implementation into the potentials of artificial and collective intelligence, agency and individual perception. My work manifests through the specific use of tangible material as signifiers and my curiosity in the hacking (sub)culture. To that end, people have experienced such ephemerality at various events including: the DUMBO Arts Festival, the Hammer Museum with UCLA’s Game Lab, the Hong Kong - Shenzhen Biennale with Crisis Fronts, and SuperFront Gallery.

b.1986 (San Francisco) lives & work - New York & Los Angeles

Minkyung Choi is a visual artist living in Los Angeles, born and raised in South Korea. Her works are inspired by the uneasiness of ambivalence in both fantasy and underlying desire of human subjects and examine the attribute of gaze in relation to Feminist discourse.

Jesse Chorng is a new media artist who's work explores the intersection of technology, media, and subculture. He received his BS in Economics from Carnegie Mellon University and is currently an MFA student in the Design Media Arts Department at UCLA. Jesse is interested in producing interactive art through the language of cultural aesthetics.

Mark Essen is a game designer living in Los Angeles. His work has been exhibited most notably at FILE in Sao Paulo, the New Museum in New York, MoCCA in Toronto, FACT, [DAM] Berlin, and Vice/Intel's international Creators Project.

Noa P. Kaplan is a visual artist living in Los Angeles, California. She received her BA from Yale University and is currently a graduate student in the Design Media Arts Department at UCLA. Noa's artwork examines the impact of technology on production processes, material structure, and scale. Her other research interests include the mechanics of visual perception, practices that enable sustained focus, and moments of augmented awareness.

David Leonard is a television reporter and interface designer working at the vanguard of art, augmented reality and physical computing as a means to exchange empathetic experiences.

David Leonard was born in North Hollywood the subject of a heavily documented birth. Leonard gravitated to both sides of the camera. By fourteen years of age Leonard was regularly publishing photographs and writing articles as an independent journalist. His stories covering the Los Angeles Riots, OJ Simpson Trial were published in the Los Angeles Downtown News and Los Angeles Reader. Leonard owned and operated, OVERHERE, a Community Art and Performance Gallery in Echo Park from 1997-2001. For the Past ten years Leonard has been a Reporter and Videographer. His stories were broadcast daily in Tampa, Florida and syndicated to ABC, CBS, CNN, and Comedy Central’s Colbert Report. Currently, Leonard is exploring art, interface design, video/photography, augmented reality and physical computing as a means to exchange empathetic experiences.

Seph Li is a designer, a modeller, and a programmer. He was born in Beijing and studied in Tsinghua University there and graudated with a BE in computer software and a BA in Digital Entertainment Design. Currently he is a MFA candidate at UCLA Design|Media Arts department. He uses video games, product prototypes, installations and sculptures as interactive mediums to play with interactions and integrate narrative with the interaction.

Gabriel Noguez is a media artist fascinated with cinema.

Eric Parren (NL/US) is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. He studied at the Interfaculty ArtScience of the Royal Academy of Art and Royal Conservatory in The Hague where he received his BFA in 2009. Currently he is pursuing an MFA at the Design | Media Arts department of the University of California Los Angeles.

His work lives at the intersection of art, science, and technology and investigates contemporary themes such as nanotechnology, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence while being strongly rooted in the histories of experimental film, modern classical composition, and live performance. The works are often deeply sensory experiences dealing with modes of perception, synesthesia, and the physics of light and sound. Eric is a member of the art collective Macular and the founder and co-host of La Force Sauvage radio.

Rhazes Spell is interested in creative expression at the cross-roads of science, technology, and society. His interests and work span aesthetic information presentations to reactive and interactive environments.

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