Julian Bleecker

New Interaction Rituals: Getting the Playful Interfaces We Deserve

May 22, 2007, 1:00 pm   » 

The history of human-computer interfaces started with the keyboard. And, still today, the keyboard is the primary interface for our computer interactions. Punching little plastic squares, shapes a good deal of what we understand about our devices and their capabilities. From mobile phones to laptops, the keyboard button regiments our interactions, the design of our software, and the ways in which we
share, play and socialize in our digitally networked worlds.

Interfaces are the medium that shape, define and frame our digital interaction rituals. What are the possibilities for designing interfaces that are more mindful of the playful nature of humans? How can an art-technology approach to interface design make possible new interaction rituals that are more ludic than instrumental?

You are invited to hear a short history of the human- computer interface. Then, through several experiments in art-technology and design, you will share a trajectory for a near-future of new playful interfaces.

Julian Bleecker is an art-technologist and assistant professor of
Interactive Media at the University of Southern California's School
of Cinematic Arts. His art-technology projects, research and writing
focus on speculative near-future technologies and curiosities meant
to invigorate the imagination about the possibility for a kind of
computing that sustains playful and life-affirming worlds. He has
presented work and given lectures worldwide and exhibited his art-
technology projects internationally at venues such as SIGGRAPH, SK
Telecom's Art Center Nabi (South Korea, Ars Electronica, Banff New
Media Institute, Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), International
Society of Electronic Arts Festival, American Museum of the Moving
Image, Art Interactive (Boston), Bitforms Gallery (NYC), Boston
Cyberarts Festival, Rhizome Eyebeam Atelier (NYC) and Xerox PARC.

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