Exhibition as a Process

March 1, 2007, 2:00 am   » 

Thursday, March 1, noon

Room 5261

What is 'experimental curating'? How does exhibition become a
process? What are the features of alternative art education? These
are some of the issues that guest curator from Italy, Dobrila
Denegri will consider in her presentation of a large-scale
interdisciplinary workshop "Real Presence" established in Belgrade
in 2001 dedicated to international young artists and art students.
She will also go through a series of historical examples ranging
from the period of historical vanguards till present.

* *

*Dobrila Denegri* is art historian and independent curator, Art
director of nKA / ICA - Independent Cultural Association in Belgrade
and associated as independent curator to the MACRO - Museum of
Contemporary Art of Rome. In 2001 Denegri was deputy commissioner
for the Pavilion of Serbia and Montenegro at the Venice Biennial.
Her activity as curator and writer begins in the early '90s -- she
curated and co-curated numerous exhibitions, video screenings,
lectures and conferences in museums, galleries and within various
cultural manifestations in Serbia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden
among many other countries.