Andreas Kratky

Between Cinematic Immersion and Interactive Exploration

December 4, 2006, 12:00 pm   » 

The research and artistic work of Andreas Kratky explores the intersection of multi-layered narratives with recombinant database architectures that invite for playful mental and physical exploration. The talk will give an overview over his main research directions and recent art works.

Born in Berlin, Germany, Andreas Kratky lives and works in Berlin and Los Angeles. He is a media artist whose work focuses on memory, database, and new forms of cinema. Kratky is designer and co-director of several award winning projects like “That’s Kyogen” (2001), “Bleeding Through – Layers of Los Angeles 1920-1986” (2003), “Soft Cinema” (2004), “Title TK” (2006). Since 1998 Kratky has worked with the ZKM | Center for Art and Media and directed ZKM’s Multimedia Studio. Currently Kratky is a visiting scholar and adjunct professor in the Interactive Media Division of the School for Cinema-TV of the University of Southern California. His current work includes “The Night Journey”, a computer game project in collaboration with the video artist Bill Viola, and the interactive database narratives “The Imginary 20th Century” and “Venture to the Interior”.

Location of talk currently scheduled in the Broad Art Center, room 5261.

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