D|MA MFA Exhibition Opening

June 12, 2003, 6:00 pm   » 

The UCLA Department of Design|Media Arts MFA thesis exhibition is the culmination of the Master of Fine Arts Degree program. The exhibition showcases the diverse research and practices of these emerging artists through their projects in the field of New Media (art, design, science, technology).

Kim Hager critically explores the Western human relationship to animals as spectacle and myth. Her video installation consists of sculptural objects which contain entwined allegories that include autobiographical characters, the Borrametz, and other "living" creatures.

Namrata Mohanty’s installation is inspired by an Indian spiritual city Benares populated with huge crowds of people visiting the city to celebrate death and rebirth of the human body. The installation is in the form of an immersive virtual space of fire and water creating a zone for new human body formations, portraying rituals of burning of the dead or dipping into the holy river Ganges flowing through Benares.

Dolores Rivera uses video to explore the relationship between the immigrant domestic worker and her college-educated daughter. The work delves into situations about home, labor, and education, documenting survival strategies and expanding dialogue among these women.

Ashok Sukumaran's Interior Design work is an attempt to physically puncture the black box in which media art usually resides. Live elements from the "outside" - the sun, the view, and ambient sound- are let into a mediated “room”, where they form dynamic relationships with the interior itself, the bodies of visitors, and each other. This project is part of Ashok's continuing search for a reconciliation between real space (the physical and social contexts in which we all live), and the often idealized spaces in which pervasive computing and machine vision (will) operate.

Fabian Winkler's interactive installation is inspired by the buzzing sounds of powerlines in urban L.A. A hammock, woven from powerline wires, collects electromagnetic information of its surrounding space. By approaching the installation, visitors add electricity to the system and trigger electric arcs dependent on their interactions.

New Wight Gallery
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