• AHMED EL SHAER's work "Crossover", at Museum of Moving Image NYC

    Hybrid spaces
    Crossover (the Scene)

    Exploring hybrid spaces that have been created through strategy games which reflect the
    relationships between the virtual and physical world. In these spaces, you have the opportunity to explore a different world or create your own with tools available within this space.

    This is how the controversy ended over how novelist Jules Verne extraordinary journeys were the end of its era, where it was said that it was no longer possible to travel to unknown places on earth. In “other spaces” man became wandering with space-time scenarios of different and unusual premise in the virtual worlds or redesigning the place with the concept of hybrid spaces in the virtual world but in reality.

    The project came through walking around the sites and places that got the trait of the hybrid space with the same hypothesis and tools of these spaces in the virtual world of strategy games in which I found several points that have this particular trait. The starting point was a refugee camp in Calais, northwestern France and the site of the Atlantic Wall in Dunkirk. The first part of the project has been carried out in France and the second part in Cairo.


    There is the documentation of “Be Water Again” at koraï space, Nicosia a group show curated by Panos Giannikopoulos & Theodoulos Polyviou published by Mousse Magazine.

  • THEO TRIANTAFYLLIDIS Self Protrait (Interior) part of group show at Elevator Mondays

    Self Portrait (Interior) is part of the group show PSYCHENETICS: Beyond The Great Filter at ELEVATOR MONDAYS which opens Monday, January 21, 7-10pm.

  • THEO TRIANTAFYLLIDIS in Studio Visit part of CUBE's 'Virtual Natives – Sculpture'

    Studio Visit, is part of CUBE's inaugural exhibition 'Virtual Natives – Sculpture'. An intimate studio visit with ork-theo in VR can be experienced at Roehrs & Boetsch Gallery in Zurich, January 17th - March 2nd.

  • THEO TRIANTAFYLLIDIS work Staphyloculus, presented at the Zabludowicz Collection in London

    Staphyloculus, is presented at the Zabludowicz Collection in London, in the 360: VR Room, a space dedicated to showcasing Virtual Reality artworks in their ideal format. The opening is tomorrow January 17th, 6-9pm. Through February 24.

  • JOHANNA HEDVA in conversation about her book ON HELL

    Asher Hartman and I are in conversation about On Hell, at Skylight Books, Saturday, January 26, 5pm. 1818 North Vermont Ave, LA, CA 90027.

  • LAUREN McCARTHY receives 2019 Creative Capital Award

    This year’s 50 projects by 58 individual artists were drawn from a pool of more than 5,200 applications. The projects which earned 2019 Creative Capital Awards are based in 15 different states and territories, from New York to California, Puerto Rico to Washington. Over 60 percent of the artists identify as women, and 77 percent as people of color. They span a range of genres, including literature, performance, the visual arts, moving image, technology, and socially engaged art, but what they all share in common is a conviction in the power of art and the importance of pushing boundaries.

  • NEIL MENDOZA'S "Fish Hammer", is the Grand Prize winner of the YOUFAB Global Creative Awards

    We are thrilled to announce the 16 Winners of the YouFab Global Creative Awards 2018. This year's winners were selected from 158 works from 32 countries.

    The Winning Works will be displayed at kudan house (Tokyo) from February 17th to February 24th, 2019.

    Fish Hammer
    By Neil Mendoza
    United States

    The goldfish swims around the aquarium, unaware of the sensor above which is communicating its movement to the hammer outside. The fish moves and the hammer crashes down on the miniature furniture outside. This work raises questions related to the influence of humans on the ecosystem.


    A conversation with designer and artist Rebeca Méndez and Christina De León, Associate Curator of Latino Design at Cooper Hewitt will focus on the process of organizing the installation Rebeca Méndez Selects, an exploration on humanity’s complex relationship with the natural world and our ties with other species. The exhibition is framed by the Spanish accounts of Moctezuma’s extensive private aviary housed in Tenochtitlan, which contained thousands of birds from across the Americas. Included in the exhibition is a selection of bird specimens from the National Museum of Natural History alongside objects from Cooper Hewitt’s collection spanning multiple centuries.

    Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum
    Thursday, January 31, 2019. 6:00 to 8:00pm


    Peter Lunenfeld moderating a panel at Photo LA: "Etching a Tabula Rasa: Photographers Rodrigo Valenzuela, Michelle Groskopf, and Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin," Saturday, February 2nd at 11:30 AM.

  • ERKKI HUHTAMO Lectures at Waseda University, Tokyo

    Professor Erkki Huhtamo will conclude his lecture tour of Japan, which began in mid-December by a public lecture at the Waseda University, Tokyo. The lecture is titled "Media, Transportations, and the Challenges of Posthuman Culture." It will be hosted by the Media, Body and Image Studies faculty. The talk will take place at Waseda's Toyama Campus close to Takadanobaba on Monday January 7, 2019, between 4.30pm and 6pm, at room 36-581.

    For more information, see link:

  • JOHANNA HEDVA performs Black Moon Lilith

    April 11 & 13, Performance Space New York—
    Black Moon Lilith will be part of I Wanna Be With You Everywhere, a collaboration between arika, performance space new york, and the whitney museum of american art.

  • JOHANNA HEDVA inn conversation with Asher Hartman at Skylight Books

    Jan 26, Skylight Books— Johanna Hedva will be in conversation with Asher Hartman about her novel On Hell.

  • JOHANNA HEDVA performs Black Moon Lilith in Pisces in the 4th House

    8:30pm, saturday, january 12, 2019
    5810 1/2 north figueroa st, los angeles, ca 90042

    a keening. animal droning. hag blues. moon hymns. a dirge.
    O Death.
    for my mother, who was a pisces (March 2, 1955 – April 30, 2018).

    please bring earplugs. this is a wake, so there will be whiskey. it's 45 minutes long. no late entry please.

    this piece is the first time i've performed live solo music in 12 years, and my first time playing in my hometown since 2004. it would mean a lot to see you there.

    accessibility: PAM is not wheelchair accessible. there is a flight of stairs. there is one all-gender restroom. if you require anything for disability access reasons (including specific reserved seating), please contact me and we will make every effort to support you.

    $5-$10 suggested donation. no one is turned away from lack of funds.

    photograph by Pamila Payne

  • CURTIS TAMM | Mori Art Museum

    Working with support from the Art and Technology Lab at LACMA, media-artist Curtis Tamm is preparing for his debut solo exhibition at Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan. Throughout 2017/2018 Curtis spent several months in Japan developing a soundscape which functions as a "declaration of dependency upon the non-human". The exhibit's center piece is a 9-channel circular sound work which makes use of frequencies usually inaudible to human beings. The composition includes hundreds of field-recordings taken throughout Japan; from the chanting of blind shamans in Aomori, to several centuries old temple bells in Kyoto (known as bonsho), to pachinko parlors in Tokyo, sumo wrestlers and insects, original works for choir and Japanese folk instruments such as the Sho and Koto.

  • GELARE KHOSHGOZARAN with four featured artists: Part and Parcel

    The SFAC Galleries is pleased to present Part and Parcel, an exhibition curated by Taraneh Hemami that would take a look at geographies of belonging. The four featured artists, Tannaz Farsi, Gelare Khoshgozaran, Sahar Khoury, and Minoosh Zomorodinia examine crossings and becomings, systems and processes, nature and language, time and histories, and remnants of the everyday, in their multidisciplinary projects.

    January 25 - March 30, 2019
    Opening reception: Friday, January 25, 6:00-8:00 PM

    San Francisco Arts Commission
    401 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 325
    San Francisco, CA 94102

  • GELARE KHOSHGOZARAN - Take My Money/Take My Body

    In Take My Money / Take My Body, K-Pop is an entry point for a question about the promises of popular media within highly bureaucratic, surveilled, and macro-scaled communities such as corporations / nations. Whether a data-mining social platform, exploitative culture industry, or resurgent populist movement, these larger systems structure the very conditions in which we find our (best) selves, albeit at contentious costs and rapidly-inflating prices. Popular media is the emergent interface for such a transaction. What, then, can we make of the joyful feeling of being a willing subject, or one of many in a captive audience?

    January 3 - February 24
    Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)
    6522 Hollywood Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90028

  • ERKKI HUHTAMO featured in UCLA Magazine

    UCLA Magazine is out - it features an article about the work of Erkki Huhtamo.

  • ERKKI HUHTAMO's Lecture Tour of Japan 2018

    In December 2009 Professor Erkki Huhtamo did a lecture tour of several Japanese universities. Nearly ten years have passed, so it is time to repeat the experience. Much has happened in-between, including the publication of Huhtamo's Japanese language-only monograph, Media Kokogaku - Kako Genzai Mirai no Taiwa no Tameni ("Media Archaeology: Dialogues Between the Past, Present, and Future," trans. Yoshitaka Ota, Tokyo: NTT Publishing, 2015).

    Erkki Huhtamo's December 2018 lecture tour of Japan will include the following venues:
    Institute of Advanced Media Art and Science (IAMAS), Ogaki, Gifu (Dec. 14), Kokoro Research Center, University of Kyoto (Dec. 15), Kagoshima University (Dec. 18), Tsukuba University (Dec. 21). Lecture at Waseda University, Tokyo, will follow in early January 2019.

    Erkki Huhtamo will discuss the relationship of media archaeology and posthuman studies, with particular reference to the relationship between media culture and transportation technology.

  • NOVA JIANG part of Defining Line featured in the LA Times

    Defining Line is an AR exhibition exploring how lines connect, divide and define communities. Co-curated by Nancy Baker-Cahill (Founder of 4th Wall) and Debra Scacco, the exhibition places powerful, site-relevant works in AR along the Los Angeles River, encouraging visitors to explore, reconsider and interact with the river, and to recognize the key role this vital line plays in shaping the history and experience of moving through Los Angeles. Artists include: Tongva Elders Julia Bogany and her great-granddaughter Marissa Aranda, Carolina Caycedo, Andrea Chung, Beatriz Cortez, Nova Jiang, Gala Porras-Kim, Star Montana and Debra Scacco.

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