• LAUREN LEE McCARTHY featured in Apollo 40 Under 40 Art & Tech

    Lauren Lee McCarthy featured in Apollo 40 Under 40 Art & Tech

    Apollo is proud to present this year’s Apollo 40 Under 40 list, the eighth edition of the project and the first to focus on the theme of Art & Tech. It comes at a time when new technologies are transforming how art is made and experienced at an unprecedented pace – with artists playing a vital role in communicating, scrutinising and taking creative advantage of these changes. The 40 individuals and partnerships selected for the list – all under the age of 40 – are expanding the possibilities presented by new tech to art and heritage across the world. It has been remarkable to witness the speed and enthusiasm with which the art world has embraced the possibilities of new and emerging technologies. This is in no small part thanks to the work of the ‘Patrons & Advocates’, from collectors and philanthropists to those who have spearheaded non-profit initiatives. Michael Xufu Huang is celebrated here for co-founding the X Museum for Chinese contemporary art in Beijing, which launched in 2020 with an interactive digital exhibition. Lauren Lee McCarthy, an acclaimed artist in her own right, appears here for her work improving access and diversity in the fields of art and coding.

  • Celebrating Our Connection With Nature - Biophilia Poster Competition

    Celebrating Our Connection With Nature
    Join us at Helms Design Center for the opening of the International Biophilia Poster Exhibit, exploring humanity's relationship with the natural environment.

    100 Poster Design Finalists on Display 3500+ Submissions from 167 Countries.

    October 9, from 12-5 pm (Part of ArtWalk)8745 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

    More: www.biophilial.comOrganized by: BrandCulture, PosterTerritory, Helms Design Center

  • ERKKI HUHTAMO Lectures at 'Glowing Globe, Artificial Art', in Rijeka, Croatia

    Professor Erkki Huhtamo has been invited to lecture at the festival "Glowing Globe, Artificial Art," organized by the Center for Innovative Media, Academy of Applied Arts Rijeka, Croatia, on September 23, 2021. The theoretical symposium of the festival will be online.

    Huhtamo's lecture is titled "The Automated Eye - Reflections on Posthuman Vision in Art and Culture." Here is a brief explanation of its contents:

    The coming of modern society was associated with the notion of ‘automation’. It manifested itself in different forms and at different speeds depending on the cultural environment. Automated machines appeared in public spaces, offices, and factories. This development happened in concert with the dissemination of other concepts like ‘mechanization’ and ‘interactivity’; their mutual relationships are not always clear.

    This lecture will discuss automation and its genealogy in the context of the on-going debates on the posthuman. Is automation inherently posthuman? Taking the cyborg discourse as an example, this lecture suggests that as tempting as that conclusion would be, the issue is much more complicated.

  • EUNICE CHOI at Milan and Venice Design Week ID

    Milan Design Week: 2021/9/5-10,(ended)
    Venice Design Week: 2021/10/9-17 (upcoming)


    The project involves the creation of two group exhibitions, between analog and digital, with a special focus on innovation, through a call reserved for designers under 35. The physical exhibition will be augmented thanks to digital content accessible through the use of tags, such as QRcode and Nfc, while acting inside the two locations in a non-invasive way. Combo, with its stands in Milan and Venice, will act as an intermediary between the two cities and the two Design Weeks as well, by proposing the same contents, but one month apart: a promotional tool that goes beyond the territorial and temporal boundaries. The physical exhibition will be on site during both events, and the multimedia contents will be always online and also they can be activated on site. This innovative way makes Combo a hub with an accurate look at the new trends and talents of emerging and experimental design, and that allows young designers, showing their products/prototypes/services for the first time, to achieve a visibility that goes beyond the traditional fixed exhibition.

    Combo Venezia: Campo dei Gesuiti, 4878, 30121 Venezia VE, Italy

  • BOMI YOOK in Mutek Montreal 22nd International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music

    August 24th to September 30th
    Mutek Montreal 22nd International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music

    Virtual Wonders exhibition: 24 works (XR, videos, interactive websites) - programming


    XR, Immersive and Experiential Storytelling
    Exploring Imaginaries of Artificial Intelligence
    New Frontiers in Digital Art and Sound
    Fashion and Art for Our Futures
    New Models for Presentation and Monetization
    Digital Detox

  • REBECA MÉNDEZ in Arte Laguna Prize Exhibition 2020/21

    OCTOBER 3 — OCTOBER 24, 2021

    We are pleased to announce our chair and professor Rebeca Méndez has been selected as the finalist artist of Arte Laguna Prize 15 and her artwork will be a part of the finalist exhibition in Venice, Italy.

    Arte Laguna Prize 2020/21: 240 works from all over the world are selected as the finalists of the 14th and 15th editions of the contest, giving a glimpse into the current state of international contemporary art.

    The finalist artists have been selected by the two international juries exhibit works of painting, photographic art, sculpture and installation, video art and short films, performance, virtual art, digital graphics, land art, urban art, and design.

    Any-Instant-Whatever Project overview: Any-Instant-Whatever portrays the daytime sky in its textures and physics of blueness, its range of water formations sculpted by wind and pressures born of our nearest star—forces which, when synaptically processed, transform into emergent sensations of sublime beauty. This is the sky of our closest reach, the sky that most connects us in time to our deep evolutionary past through which we peered into the night’s other and its—until very recently—unreachable horizons." Excerpt by Stephen Nowlin, director of the Williamson Gallery in Pasadena, curator of SKY exhibition, an immersive examination of how humans have conceptualized the sky throughout history, this group exhibition will demonstrate how the unfolding realities exposed by new science are affecting change in the understanding of ourselves, our planet and beyond.

    Visit the Arte Laguna Prize website to learn more about the event:

  • REBECA MÉNDEZ in group exhibition in Gangwon International Triennale 2021 in Korea

    SEPTEMBER 30 — NOVEMBER 7, 2021

    Chair and professor Rebeca Méndez is participating in this year's Gangwon International Triennale group exhibition in Korea!

    In the third year of Gangwon Triennales, “Gangwon International Triennale” is held to suggest a differentiated paradigm of visual arts event reflecting the unique identity of Gangwondo. By combining the results of projects of regeneration of idle spaces implemented for the past 2 years, we will manifest the final outcome from the transformation of the selected venues into a park of cultural arts, the artworks created by the artists from home and abroad specific to the selected venues and artworks created by collaborative projects. Furthermore, the “Gangwon Triennales Archive Exhibition” will be held to collect and exhibit all the works from the Exhibition of Gangwon Artists and Gangwon Kids Biennale at a single location displaying every step of progress made by Gangwon Triennales for 3 consecutive years.

    Visit Gangwon International Triennale 2021 website to learn more about the event:

  • REBECA MÉNDEZ solo exhibition at Laguna Art Museum's Art & Nature festival

    We are excited to announce that our chair and professor Rebeca Méndez is invited by the Laguna Art Museum as the commissioned artist to have a solo exhibition at this year’s Art & Nature festival. The theme of Art & Nature speaks particularly to the identity of Laguna Beach, which for over a hundred years has fostered art, the love of nature, and environmental awareness.

    In its annual Art & Nature festival, the Laguna Art Museum presents special exhibitions,
    a commissioned work of art, lectures, panel discussions, films, and family activities on the theme of art’s engagement with the natural world to inspire artists; to find and develop connections between art and science; to raise awareness of environmental issues, and to celebrate Laguna Beach as a center for the appreciation of art and nature.

    Visit Laguna Art Museum's website to learn more about the event:

  • JENNIFER STEINKAMP'S EON won this year's Public Spaces CODAaward and Education CODAaward!

    Jennifer Steinkamp’s Eon is a 30 x 9-foot digital installation commissioned for Welch Hall, the largest academic facility at The University of Texas at Austin and part of the College of Natural Sciences. Blurring the line between the biological and virtual, the site-specific installation visualizes a fictional scene of primordial life, rendered through multiple layers of digital animation. Eon draws inspiration from the concept of symbiosis, the mutual cooperation of unlike organisms— such as flowers and the insects and animals that pollinate them, or friendly bacteria inside the human microbiome. Biomorphic shapes undulate across the screen, punctuating an aqueous backdrop with bursts of pink, yellow, and multicolored fragments that resemble a swarm of living organisms and plants. The installation transforms the main corridor of Welch Hall into a hyperreal, simulated natural world while signaling the research that takes place within the building. A vision as powerful as it is beautiful, it serves as a reminder that life on earth began through cooperation, and that our future depends upon it.

  • REBECA MÉNDEZ wins CODAawards WORX 2021 for Public Spaces

    We are excited to announce that Tucson’s January 8th Memorial: The Embrace by Chee Salette and Rebeca Méndez and Eon by Jennifer Steinkamp respectively won this year's Public Spaces CODAaward and Education CODAaward!

    CODAawards is an internationally acclaimed program that celebrates the projects that most successfully integrate commissioned art into interior, architectural, or public spaces. The CODAawards program honors the individuals and the teams whose collective imaginations create the public and private spaces that inspire us every day. Tucson's January 8th Memorial: The Embrace project overview: Ten years after the January 8, 2011 mass shooting at former US Representative Gabby Giffords’ Congress on Your Corner event, a memorial honoring the victims, survivors, and first responders of the shooting opened in Tucson, Arizona. Carved into the landscape of downtown El Presidio Park, surrounded by themed gardens, and buttressed by an earthen berm, a powder-coated pearlescent steel inner wall is etched with symbols that relate to the lives, interests, and values of the individuals present that day, as well as to the history of the land where the monument sits, the memorial thoughtfully reflects the salient personal and societal issues it engages. In 19 seconds a crazed gunman unleashed 33 bullets, leaving six dead and thirteen wounded, a city in mourning, and a country in shock. This felt like an attack on democracy itself. Visual artist Rebeca Méndez, architect and landscape designer Tina Chee, and project architect Marc Salette collaborated masterfully to answer the community’s call for a place to mourn and remember, with an architectural embrace and a universal symbolic language, to create a common ground that transcends political posturing on gun violence and celebrates the shared value of life.

  • ERKKI HUHTAMO Co-Wins a University of California Humanities Research Institute Virtual Residency

    Together with two UC colleagues, professors Peter Bloom (UCSB) and Weihong Bao (UC Berkeley), Erkki Huhtamo has won a competitive UCHRI (University of California Humanities Research Institute) virtual residency for Fall Quarter 2021. It is titled "Distance and Proximity," and builds on the work of the international working group and think tank Huhtamo, Bloom, and Bao started in March 2020 to combat the limitations of Covid-19 to research activities and intellectual exchanges across borders. The working group has met dozens of times, inviting eminent guest speakers from different continents. The ultimate goal of the UCHRI virtual residency is a book about "Distance and Proximity in the Era of Remote Presence".

  • NATE MOHLER project

    Nate Mohler cordially invites you to the renewal ceremony of Culver Current -mixed media sculpture at City Hall in Culver City, this Sunday, August 22nd at 7:30 pm. Culver Current was commissioned by the Culver City Cultural Affairs committee to celebrate 30 years of Art in Public Places. The temporary installation was renewed for a second year and will have two new shows throughout 2021-2022. The sculpture was designed by Nate Mohler, '19 with the assistance of multiple Arts and Architecture professors, faculty, and staff including Brenda Williams and Eric Vrymoed. The sculpture turns on at sunset every night and is open to the public in the Dale Jones Courtyard of Culver City City Hall until 2am. Please join us for music and refreshments from 7:30 pm onward.

    More information and documentation can be found on the links.

    Excerpt from the press release:

    Culver Current, art installation, consists of a 9-foot tall cylindrical steel frame with 494 LED panels inside a custom thermoformed Corian® shell. Projected video illuminates the Corian® surface from within, diffusing along ripples cut into the surface. Culver Current’s fountain uses no actual water. Instead, a series of video artworks reflective of the greater Los Angeles and Culver City area are projected on the facade of the cylindrical sculpture. The fountain’s show lasts about 15 minutes long on a loop with accompanying sound by composer Luke Mombrea. Two unique shows will be created including updates throughout the 2021-2022 year.

    The City of Culver City commissioned the project, with support from Christine Byers of the Cultural Affairs Commission and City Council. Irina Panasyuk of IVP Public Art facilitated artist selection, project coordination, and public outreach. A dedicated team of professionals, including Jacob Fishman, Ruben Jimenez of Eastside LED and welder Eric Vrymoed, worked with Mohler on the project since its inception. Mario Romano of the design engineering studio M.R. Walls oversaw the fabrication of the Corian® shell and created the custom-cut surface based on natural lines found in the ripples of water and sand.

  • A.M. DARKE - Profiled in KILLSCREEN

    A.M. DARKE
    Games interrogate and explore power dynamics

    “I’m not married to games. I don’t care about games in this precious way. I just think they’re an exciting medium and a mega medium where you can do everything.” AM Darke is a critical game-maker and professor in the game department at UC Santa Cruz. AM’s project ‘Ye or Nay? operates as a clever spin on the classic Guess Who? In which Kanye West serves as a fulcrum to interrogate Black culture. Among many illuminating topics, we spoke with AM about the illusion of choice in games, decentering the white gaze, and ethical trolling.

    Visit link for mor info.


    We are pleased to announce that Counterforce Lab received a 2021 UCLA Transdisciplinary Acceleration Grant! In line with Counterforce Lab’s integrative and inclusive ecologically-minded mission, we will collaborate with UCLA professors and scholars Pamela Yeh (Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Elizabeth DeLoughrey (Dept. of English and Institute for the Environment and Sustainability), Julia Koerner (School of Arts and Architecture) to build our first Biophilia Treehouse in partnership with the Sisters of Social Service and Heart of Los Angeles. The Biophilia Treehouse is Counterforce Lab’s flagship project. It is a living sculpture and an avian sanctuary that supports and fosters L.A.’s rich birdlife, hosts outdoor classrooms, and promotes community storytelling. With our multifaceted project, we aim to honor local wildlife and address legacies of environmental injustices in LA County.

  • What Peter Lunenfeld’s Reading

    Peter Lunenfeld joins critic Howard Rheingold, historian Carla Nappi, and writer/DJ John Morrison (among other luminaries) as a contributor to Roy Christopher’s annual Summer Reading List.


    JUNE 26 - AUGUST 7, 2021

    Ochi Projects is pleased to announce Rakeem Cunningham: Hero, the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery to be presented from June 26 through August 7, 2021. An artist’s reception will be held on Saturday, June 26th, from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. Hero features new photographs and a large-scale installation by Rakeem Cunningham that portray the artist and his abundant selves as he plays and poses alone in the studio informed and surrounded by a multiverse of niche subcultures. Each portrait is a declaration of subjectivity and existence—proof of self-validation and an ongoing healing journey that expands upon an outdated definition of hero. Triggered by the designation of essential workers as heroes while being treated as disposable this past year, Cunningham paused to reflect upon his relationship to this loaded word. As a queer youth of color, he idolized heroes that didn’t look like him. Lazy metaphors—green or purple villains dressed in evil black—reinforced false dichotomies and ultimately white supremacy. Dressed and undressed in polyester superhero costumes, leotards, kimonos, wigs, and other items, Cunningham stages himself within unpretentious arrangements of draped fabrics, cast off foam, salvaged classroom materials, acetates, bubble wrap, fake grass, painted wood, and painters tape—a vernacular aesthetics of the San Fernando Valley that is both spontaneous and optimistic. Contrapposto while gazing into the distance or balancing while gracefully drawing an oversized weapon-sculpture—Cunningham appropriates poses from a cascade of emotionally charged scenes sourced from manga, anime, and video games with ecstatic flourishes inspired by the unrehearsed choreography of church-goers as they “catch the holy ghost.” These reperformances are akin to cosplay, a physical embodiment of fictional protagonists, or head-canon, a fan's personal, idiosyncratic interpretation of a fictional canon. With a myriad of references in tow, Cunningham charges into the potent realm of the imaginary—an inherently radical space that envisions alternative realities and better futures. Hero demonstrates that both play and healing test the boundaries of the self. Cunningham tirelessly becomes hero after hero after hero, though he sometimes wears his real glasses and iconic hair comb, notably in the work titled The Heroes Are Tired (2021). Cunningham wears a costume in which black lines draw exaggerated muscles onto our hero’s arms, which gently hold up the heavy head of a resting warrior—definitions will always be open to interpretation, but ultimately a Hero is determined by action.

    Rakeem Cunningham (b. 1992) is a multimedia artist and photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Cunningham's work explores the multivalence of queer black experience and radical self-acceptance through photography, collage, installation, and video works. Cunningham incorporates imagery and pathos from manga, anime, comics, video games, pop culture, and fashion sourced from his ever-growing personal archive into his self-portrait studio-based practice, in an attempt to identify and subvert tropes and stereotypes of blackness in media. Cunningham received his BFA from the UCLA Design Media Arts department, is a member of Monte Vista Projects, and is represented by Ochi Projects. Copyright Ochi Projects 2021

  • REBECA MENDEZ in: Mothers of Design: Radically imagining a world in which women take the lead

    Paula Scher, Gail Anderson, and Rebeca Méndez

    June 25th, 2021, 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM PDT

    The numbers say it all: 61% of designers are women, but only 29% of creative director positions are held by women. This month’s global theme, Matriarchy, invites us to radically imagine a world in which women take the lead. To envision what this could look like for the field of design, we turn to the collective wisdom of the “Mothers of Design”: Paula Scher, Gail Anderson, and Rebeca Méndez. The conversation will be guided by no other than Debbie Millman, the queen of design and branding herself. We want to hear from you about the questions you’d like to ask this powerful lineup.

  • [ALIEN] STAR DUST SIGNAL TO NOISE: Molecular Light for South America

    June 21, 9am - 9pm Every hour on the hour tune in from your timezone for a special guest introducing the meditation

    [Alien] refers to looking up into outer space for star dust but then turning our gaze back down to earth extending the idea that everything is interconnected, flowing, flying and mixing around our planet and beyond. All the molecules in our bodies originate with that residual stardust that finds its way into plants, and from there into the nutrients we need to survive. Analyses of the organic matter in meteorites can provide insights into the types of chemical reactions and organic compounds providing insights into the history of our planetary system and origins of life on Planet Earth.

    From the stars to our farmable lands and tables – having access to nutrients is crucial to survive. On June 21st, 2021 we invite all planetary beings, from quantum to macro scale entities that collaborate in our bodies’ temporary existence, to join this online meditation sending light and inviting to make donations to indigenous organizations in South America that help communities who are under threat during covid 19 pandemic to have voice and gain strength to fight for their rights.

  • ERKKI HUHTAMO to Speak at Gene Youngblood's Memorial

    Gene Youngblood, the legendary media critic and theorist, known for his classic book Expanded Cinema (1970), and his radical thinking about the communications revolution, the work of Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz, etc, has passed away.

    Erkki Huhtamo is one of the stellar line up of international figures from the field of media arts and theory who will speak at "The Unfinished Communications Revolution: a Memorial Tribute to Gene Youngblood." The event will take place on Tuesday, June 15, 2021, starting at 1pm PDT. Erkki Huhtamo knew Youngblood for over 30 years and frequently communicated with him until his last few months.

    You can read Huhtamo's conversation with Youngblood (1990) here (see link):

    To register to Gene Youngblood's Memorial, please visit(see link):

  • DALENA TRAN'S Audiovisual Project w/ Ash Koosha

    June 4th

    Dalena Tran has premiered a new video work on AQNB, June 4, 2021 featuring music by Ash Koosha. "Enmeshed throughout ‘Incomplete’, bare constructions of animals and landscapes slowly glitch into loose configurations of human infrastructure as the video goes on with Koosha’s crooning overtones." Read the full feature here; View the project here
    Online @

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